Victory of the Maori!

Finally, after nearly 150 years of legal battles the river of Whanganui Maori managed to get the same legal rights of a human, this is the first case of its kind in the world; This river located in New Zealand, is the third largest river in the country, and is located in the island of the North. The population of Whananui Iwi has always considered the river, but also the sea and the mountains, as their ancestors, their existence is based on the “originates from the river and lives on it”, as well as stated the representative of the tribe A . Rurawe, explaining that the welfare of its people is closely linked to the river, where people live.

It is considered a living being guarantees to Whanganui to be represented in court by two responsables, one chosen by the tribe Whanganui Iwi and one by the New Zealand Parliament, in order to defend their rights. This decision was made so that nobody can exploit economically or deface the river, in any case, now it will be a crime against the tribe did not respect the river of water rich of culture, history and traditions.
It can be said finally closed the longest litigation in the entire history of New Zealand.

When we do the strangest dreams?

At least once in your life, is happened to you to make very strange dreams: monsters, aliens, super powers, or really particular situations … what you do not know is that these dreams have made  after a few hours of sleep, by which time the REM phase (phase of the deeper sleep), it began, at least, this is what  have discovered  recent British studies, who reported their findings in the renowned magazine ‘Time’.
The cognitive psychology class of the University of Bedfordshire, UK, would in fact, monitored the sleep of 20 people for two nights, which, when their sleep was more agitated, were awakened to tell the students what they had dreamed ; they were woken up to 5 times a night, and than, the  next day, they completed a questionnaire about the content of their dreams; from their answers it showed that the most peculiar dreams intensified hour after hour, preciselly in the middle of the night.

There are superheroes gay?

The answer is ‘certain yes’ why they should not ? As in real life, even in the comic book superheroes exist with homosexual  orientation: Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, the important thing is that there is love! Although we’ll never noticed until now, these loves, but also weddings, date back to 2012, when Alex Alonso, editor of Marvel (the publisher of superheroes), has decided that, having been legalized in that year gay marriages in the state of New York, even the characters wholive in the  parallel cartoon universe, also live in this city, would have to adapt to the times. Here then in 2012 Northstar (one of the x-men) married, after he had made coming out (he had revealed his sexual orientation) in 1992; Another coming out was always done by an X-men, in 2015 in fact, the iceman revealed his sexual orientation; these are just two of the many heroes who are not heterosexual, discover you the others!

How big is a year in the life of a dog?

If you ask that question to your friends or relatives, you will probably answer ‘seven’, but in reality it is not like this, especially because, like us, dogs are all different, so this count depends on the breed and the tonnage of the dog in question.
First, a dog of one year has the same mental faculties of a child of 7, and therefore it is not yet mentally mature, even sexually, although its size has reached that of an adult.
The first 12 months are therefore the most important for a dog, that’s why during this period it is necessary to stimulate their cognitive development, making new experiences, bringing it outdoors to learn about the world, so that I can learn as soon as things work .
It is important, however, that the experiences in 1-5 months, will then must repeated in 6-8 months, because the puppy will be more mature and able to notice the differences, it is in this period that develops the first fears, maybe , in fact, in the early months he had not.

The fish that recognizes people

Will seem meaningless, but yes, it really exist, there is a species of tropical fish, which, in spite of a very simple brain, is able to identify a familiar face among dozens of faces. This fish, while not having the part of the brain that processes more complex cognitive, but it still able to accomplish this recognition; archer fish, Toxotes chatareus has also further developed his visual skills, is in fact considered the ‘archer’ fish; it lives in fresh waters of Southeast Asia and Australia, and thanks to its water jet is able to hit the insects and then eat them.
A group of zoologists at Oxford University has taught some of these fish to spit in one of two human faces displayed on a screen suspended above an aquarium, when the fish were aimed at the right face, received in exchange  food, the same experiment was done with 44 different faces, and the fish have always hit the exact face.


From what emerges from a study published by the American Psychological Association relating to the debate on police behavior towards the Afro-american community in the USA, to a parity stature, a man with a black skin is perceived as more threatening and dangerous person than one with a white skin.
The research consisted in showing more than 1,000 Americans photographs of some individuals with the same size but with different skin color, the participants were also asked to estimate the height, weight and physical appearance; the answers reveal a strong prejudice, and even racism, in fact the majority of participants rated peoplewith black skin strongest  and muscular than those with white skin, and consequently more dangerous, justifying, the use of the force by the police on them, even if unarmed. Even the African-Americans who participated to the tests, evaluated the black people as more strongmen, but are  not necessarily more dangerous.

It ‘s now the black Friday time!

The Black Friday is a new holiday, from USA and from the sixties, is celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving, this day, which has become famous throughout the world, provides super discounts in the shops before Christmas: food, shoes, clothes, eletronic stuff, school stuff, make up, furniture, car… everything!
This name so strange is the fact that at the time, in the 1960  the merchants were using the red ink for losses and black ink for revenue in surplus, and thanks to these discounts, every Friday after Thanksgiving, the logs were all compiled black, synonymous of a day ended with a good flush.
This day is therefore the one that gives the go Christmas shopping, and is used as a parameter for assessing how it goes the Christmas season; although they have created a cyber Monday for all online discounts, nowadays even in the web, the discounts are limited only to Friday.

Do you spaghetti?

If I say Italy what do you say to me? Pizza and spaghetti of course! But do you know that noodles were first called “worms”? ironically are centuries that it is disputed whether they were invented by the Chinese or by the Sicilians, now after lengthy discussions it was concluded that both have spread independently, in both geographical areas, what instead is certain to bring in Italy the custom of cooking dried pasta were Arabs.
It appears that one of the earliest written records found about dried pasta date back to 1154, in fact, in that area that now corresponds to Italy, before then it was traditional to eat only fresh pasta.
The term “spaghetti”, however, is more recent, in fact, gone up to eighteen hundred, and has spread to America, as the ‘worms’ term was not really indicated to the food, so they found this word which wanted remember  a piece of string  to eat !

How many languages maximum ​​a person can learn ?

There is no a certain answer, all is relative to what a person mean by knowledge of a language; But we can say with certainty that there are people considered polyglot who are able to speak also fluently 6 languages. But there is an American linguist who has a knowledge of more than 60 languages, modern and ancient, its name is Alexander Arguelles, he is a native English speaker, but at the university he  has learned French, German, Spanish, Latin, greek and Sanskrit, but then he has dedicated himself to the Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and Norwegian in their earliest forms, the high German and old French, also after his doctorate he studied some Germanic dialects, Dutch, Swedish and other Scandinavian languages , Italian, Portuguese, Occitan and Catalan, in recent years he has dedicated to the Korean, Japanese, Mandarin and Chinese classical, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, turkish and swahili. How he does? Listening to many recordings in the original  language and repeating, but above all  studing much!

A ride to the park has never been so dangerous!

Yes, at the Alnwick park you can die, and is not  a joke, the warnings are real and recognizable from the start, in fact, the entrance gates there are signs with skulls (classic symbol of danger and death) joined the words ‘these plants can kill’.

This beautiful and dangerous park is the Alnwick Garden and is located in England (it is precisely the which one where there is  the castle of Harry Potter), it is one of the most toxic places in the world, is home to the most dangerous plants of the whole earth; but  visit it is so dangerous? No if you follow the rules you do not run any risk, perhaps always keep small children by the hand!
The most dangerous plant in the garden? The Conium maculatum, famous for having been used by Socrates to carry out suicide by respiratory paralysis, not least is the plant known as ‘belladonna’, which in addition to procuring hallucinations can still result in death.