Where Will It End – Musica for Africa

when will it end musica for africa

Where will it end.


When music is inspired by strong emotions and influenced by the very soul’s reaction to tragedy, sorrow and grieve , it turns into a powerful message in the form of a song with the unique sound and the strength to carry meaningful substance with it, such as “Where will it end”.


The Tragedy behind the music.


To bring this song to life, the pain for the shocking events of the Garissa University College attack of April 2, 2015, in Kenyan soil, that killed 148 people and left 79 injured.


The Garissa University Massacre came down in history as the deadliest in Kenya since the 1998 US Embassy Bombing and as the second deadliest overall and was perpetrated by several gunmen belonging to the Al-Shabaab group that later claimed full responsibility for the attack. In fact on April 4th a message from this group was sent to the Kenyan population where they denounced the unspeakable atrocities committed against the Muslims of East Africa and claiming the attack as a revenge for those killed by the Kenyan security forces. They also claimed the site was chosen as one of those institutions built over a land belonging to Muslims and colonized by Non-Muslim by force.

when will it end musica for africa


Where Will It End

The Singers and the Composer.


The very structure of the song is a mix of many different souls that worked together as one to promote the message of unity that many times is overlooked by the world’s powerful entities in this controversial time of human history.


To sing this hymn to the victims and the grief of their families, two African native reggae artists: South African Thuthukani Cele, former keyboard player for Lucky Dube and Congolese artist, Mermans Mosengo, member of the international group Playing for Change.

Their style and unique vocals bring the listener into this journey of words and melodies, accompanied  by the Zulu harmonies of the The Wits Choir of Johannesburg who most of all, is specialized in African Ethnic sounds.


This song has been striking the heart of many, so much it has been made into a second version in 2016: “Where will it end” is in fact also sang by the New York singer, Brian Clayton, great soul vocalists who worked alongside great names in the music industry like Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Sting  and Aretha Franklin.

His vocals are accompanied by the Soweto Gospel Choir, the first African native Gospel band, formed by more than 30 members and famous worldwide, taking parts in many international tours and giving their voices for projects like Pixar’s Wall-E, featuring in the Golden Globe nominated song “Down to Earth” with Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman.


The creator of this song is an Italian song writer and producer Mariano Schiavolini who made sure from the start of his career that his songs mattered.

His style unites different sounds and harmonies, representing his songs in a pleasant mix of soul, spiritual and progressive rock making it easy and intriguing for many different singers to lend their voices to a noble cause.


The Message in Music.

His passion for Africa made the humanitarian message as the most relevant in his songs and outside the music as well making him part of the project “Musica For Africa” who sees him gather artist from all backgrounds and scenes to play as one in an iconic ensemble, grasping with all their passion to the message of unity the world keeps forgetting.


The author speaks of his “Where will it end” as an hymn to those students killed mercilessly that day in Kenya, not indiscriminately, but because of what they believed in, martyrs of freedom itself.


The lyrics, written in English by Nikki Turner a writer from Cambridge, illustrate the struggle between the two worlds of light and darkness, making the choice that would destroy so many lives for the simple hatred born by ignorance.


“When you are the danger in every shadow, then only you can make it right.” these words in the lyrics are an appeal to the very forces who seek to destroy, the forces that pushed the man who killed so many innocents to pull the trigger.


“Tell me how can you hate me, when you don’t know me? And who said you should hurt me, before we’ve met? And tell me, who was it that told you, that I could never be your friend?”

The chorus questions are a plea to reason, questions that we could ask to anyone from any sort of background, down from the streets to our neighbours up to the most important world leaders.

Fear and ignorance are the canalizing entities that push hatred forward into feeble minds that commit atrocities in the name of extremism.


In the video directed by Loraa White, we can see the parallel experience of two protagonists starting their day.

One is a student getting ready for school, the other is the assassin getting ready to shoot: the story is narrated showing segments of their lives and how they differently cope with that is going to happen and will inevitably happen at the end.

The student’s everyday life is torn apart by the bullet of the murderer, all her hopes for the future she was planning thanks to her choice of pursuing education gone in an instant all because she and her fellow students, in the eyes of a twisted mind, chose to believe in the wrong religion.


The message is clear, message from those who died that day to those who will keep fighting: do not give in to fear or ignorance, keep believing, keep studying, keep questioning who tells you the world is to be one way only and that there is only one right.


A date to remember.

The second anniversary of the tragedy of the Garissa University College, is approaching the 2nd of April 2017 and to never forget this horrible chapter still ongoing of human history, the song has been released in online stores and available since the 31st of March 2017.


The Youtube Video

Beauty and the Beast (2017): the Plot

The famous fairy tale Beauty and the Beast has returned with a movie, having the partecipation of Emma Watson, who interprets Belle.
Do you know the history of this unforgettable Disney animated movie?


Villeneuve is a French village, where life is very monotonous. Belle, daughter of Maurice who is an eccentric local artist, dreams for herself a different life. One day, after being attacked by wolves on the market street, Maurice finds refuge in a ruined castle, not knowing that this dark and mysterious place is actually home to a fearsome beast. Belle, worried for the situation, goes to search him. The only way to release her father is taking his place. So she became the guest of that cursed place where people have the appearance of talking furnishings and their master is a rude and heartless monster. But thanks to her courage, she manages to be strong against the brutality of the beast. However, after an episode of rescuing, she notices the most kind and generous side of the beast. Accordingly, between them, a tender friendship is born.
Thus, all the talking “objects” begin to hope that Belle is his true love and she can break a mysterious spell.

Did you know the benefits of Dark Chocolate?

Do you like dark chocolate?

If you buy dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, a lot of benefits there will be for your health and your brain!

  • It improves Blood Flow and Lower Blood Pressure, allowing arteries to stay flexible and dilated.
  • It is a powerful source of antioxidants.
  • It contains serotonin.
    Serotonin is produced by the brain and it determines the mood. When the production is not enough, it can bring us to depression. Therefore, dark chocolate plays a natural and antidepressant action on the nervous system, making us more excited.
  • People taking regular cocoa have less exposure to cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke
  • It can be great against the sun, making your skin better. In fact, there are many sun creams that contains extracts of cocoa
  • It can improve the brain functions, helping us to think better.
  • According to some theories published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, dark chocolate can help you to live a long life

However, the healthiest chocolate ingredient is cocoa; therefore, to obtain these results, you have to prefer a chocolate with at least 70% cocoa. Chocolate, in fact, contains many other substances that are not as beneficial,such as sugar.

Top Five Unbelievable Phobias

Top Five Unbelievable Phobias

Scared of the dark, scared of heights, scared of clowns...

People are scared of many things. Each one of us is secretly horrified by something in particular, more or less strange according to each different personality. However, some people are afflicted with very peculiar phobias that truly make it almost impossible for them to live a normal life.

A phobia can be defined as a specific type of anxiety disorder that leads to a persistent fear of an object or situation. There are thousands of possible phobias, but here we have collected a list of the strangest five around.

Five Strangest Phobias:

  1. Somniphobia: The fear of sleep. Now, can you imagine being afraid of going to bed? A human brain needs proper sleep to fully function and can lose its capacity even after a day. Somniphbics sure have a hard life.
  2. Ambulophobia: The fear of walking or standing. The implications of this phobia are so utterly terrifying that anyone who suffers from this condition lives in costant fear of moving.
  3. Chronophobia: The fear of the passing of time or of time itself. Watches? No. Clocks? No. Someone asks you what time it is? You get a mental break-down. Funny, right?
  4. Phobophobia: The fear of developing a phobia. Well, this one kind of speaks for itself. This phobia is basically a paradox, since you’re scared of developing a phobia while alredy suffering from one.
  5. Pantophobia: The fear of everything. Just let it sink it: the fear of everything, every single thing scares you to death. 

Even if these conditions may appear absurd and strange, they’re a real problem for many people and should not be considered lightly.


Do you love Marshmallows?

Marshmallows are soften sugar candies, which are famous all over the world.
They can have various shapes and sizes: the most popular type is like a small cylinder. In addition, marshmallow can be of different colors, depending on the ingredients and the use of colorants.
The main production of this type of candy is made in the United States, but their first recipe didn’t born in America.


Maybe you don’t know that marshmallow appeared for the first time in Egypt according to a similar recipe, having a medical purpose.In fact, Egyptians prepared these candies to prevent irritations, gastritis and sore throats.
Only in the 19th century, French people modified this recipe, making marshmallows as a sort of “dessert”.However, they were just similar to the contemporary marshmallows. So, when there was the real built of “our” marshmallows? In 1948, the American Doumak company patented a fully automatic and mechanized production method, which can produce large amounts of marshmallows.


How can you eat them?
In different ways: as simple candies, cooked over fire putting them into skewers (this tradition is very diffused in America), or as decorations.
For instance, they can be served with cookies, ice cream, fruit, cake, or even hot chocolate!

Flags of the World: the USA Flag

The United States flag (often known as the American flag) consists of 13 horizontal red and white stripes (the colors are alternate). In the upper side, near the rod, there is a blue rectangle with 50 small white five-pointed stars, which lays in nine rows of six or five stars alternating. The stars represent the 50 states of the United States of America and the 13 stripes represent the original thirteen colonies.


The flag is also named “Stars and Stripes” or the “Old Glory“. This term, however, technically refers to the version with 48 stars used from 1912 to 1959. Because of social and political reasons, this flag underwent many changes since the 13 British colonies of North America adopted it for the first time (in 1977, during the American Revolutionary War).


For the citizens of the United States, the flag contains a rich symbolism: it represents the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is also a cultural icon and a symbol of individual freedom.


Did you know? The United States flag is the only one to be present on a celestial body different from the Earth: the Moon. These flags have been planted in the ground by the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission.

Cats are man’s best friend

Cats are man's best fiends


Yes, you read that right. Cats are as benevolent towards man and just as loving as dogs. Recent scientific studies have in fact poven that cats are not the malevolent and selfish creatures they have always been considered by cat-haters all these years. They are and act obviously in a very different way than dogs when they come in touch with humans, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot show true affection.

The basic difference between dogs and humans can be narrowed to one simple point: they don’t see us the same way. Whereas dogs perceive us as superiors, or different, cats do not look up to us for guidance. This of course shouldn’t make us think that they consider us as inferiors, it’s quite the opposite!


For example, cats behave towards man the same way they do towards other feline friends: they groom us, brush their tails on our legs, cuddle with or follow us. Scientists and vets clearly state that cats don’t show this kind of behaviour with animals they consider inferior to them.

There are even more prooves that cats show love to humans. A cat can display affection to its human “host” by looking at him and slowly closing its eyes, or sleeping with him at night. Showing their belly is also an obvious sign of trust, since it makes them vulnerable! They can adapt to the surroundings and be as indipendent as they need to be, but that doesn’t stop them from loving humans, just as much as dogs.

Chamomile: benefits and uses

Chamomile is an herb that people use everyday and it can be found everywhere in the summertime.
So you can harvest it especially in this season and it is quite simple to recognize but there are many similar flowers (for instance the daisies).
Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to a few details: the shape of petals, the dimensions and the smell.

Since ancient times, it has been considered one of the perfect natural solution to little problems of health.
Let’s discover its main benefits:


  • It helps to sleep.
  • It can calm stomach cramps
  • It helps your skin, reducing the sense of swelling
  • It helps your hair, making them more brilliant and blonde
  • It fights bacteria
  • It cures inflammations of every type
  • It can calm menstrual cramps
  • It fights some allergies
  • It alleviates dark circles and wrinkles

How to use it?
You can use chamomile through infusions, compresses, creams or lotions (f.i. the essential oils).


Finally, you can also cultivate it. The best time of the year to plant chamomile is the late winter because it grows well thanks to dry and warm temperatures. If their flowers disappear after summer do not worry: their seeds will survive for the following springtime.


Is there a way to correctly face everyday conflict?

Is there a way to correctly face everyday conflict

Let’s face it: conflict is part of our life. Everyday we’re challenged with many shades and levels of discord: with family, friends, colleagues, teachers or complete strangers.

Many dictionaries define conflict as a struggle between two or more parties who have opposite needs and goals and who try to prevail over one another to achieve said goals and needs. The word “struggle” is essential in our description since it really gives the idea of how conflict is perceived and considered in nowaday society.

Noone likes to struggle, to spend a lot of energy and get stressed to achieve something. But conflict, arguments, quarrels and debates are tiring and most of the times, if they do not lead to any kind of solution, they distance people from each other and sadly risk ending relationships and friendships. 

This is exactly the reason why nowadays we avoid conflict. Everyone seems to be spending as much energy as possibile avoiding every possible direct confrontation or difficul situation that might put them in a spot they don’t want to be in. Conflict is becoming a dreaded word, something to run from or to hide away. Is this a good way to cope with conflict

If you avoid direct confrontation about delicate subjects with friends and family you might be able to avoid embarassing situation and you may even evade a tiring argument that would last hours and probably end up with months of silence and deathly stares. But is this a real “solution“? 

Thinking about it, you may notice that this way of acting, even if it can be considered “safe“, will probably never bring to a concrete solution to your problem. The tension between you and the other person will still be lurking underneath and will, be sure of that, come out someday in the near future. 

Now, of course, there is an enormous spectrum of different situations with specific elements and features that make it impossible to generalize, so this article is only trying to give you some basic hints that you can apply in your everyday life according to your specific circumstances and context. So, let’s start with a simple list of interesting pinpoints that you should always remember to change your perspective about conflict:

  • Conflict is not a bad thing. It means that there is a problem, a halt in that specific relationship between you and the other person. However, this perilous crisis, if correctly worked out, could lead to a positive development.
  • When people get angry it is, most of the times, because they care about you and what they share with you. Don’t be scared to argue with others or to listen to them, if they really hated you they wouldn’t really care!
  • Sometimes people just want to be heard. Try to put yourself and your pride on the side for a second and put some effort in actually listening to what others have to say to you.
  • Listen with your heart and not with your ears”. When in conflict with someone, make sure to really get what they’re saying, as direct and rude as it may be; every word may have a hidden meaning.
  • Make sure you have understood what they are trying to express by simply asking them. Calmly asking somone who’s very angry if you correctly understood their words will ease the tension and make them lucid again.
  • Express what you feel but try to “neutralize” your and their anger and feelings to certain extents. This, as hard as it can seem, will make the conversation more productive and you might reach a profitable agreement sooner than expected.
  • Do not hurry for a solution. You don’t need to set things right immediately all the time. If you can make a point or even a simple agreement on something very easy, it could be a good start even for the worst enemies.
  • Know when to walk away. Forcing things will not help. If you cannot solve the situation now, because there can be no immediate understanding or mutual cohoperation, leave it. Maybe you both need some time to think about your actions. 

There are various techniques that can be used during a verbale confrontation to redirect the conversation towards a mutual agreement or a settlment. One of them, according to scientists and psychologists, is certainly “looping“. By looping, we allude to the action of repeating the other person’s phrases, deprived of their anger and slightly changed, to make sure we got the meaning right. While doing that, you have to make sure you’re not saying that you accept them, nor give away your view on things, you just want to ensure that you know exactly what they mean and how they feel. This specific technique may seem easy, but it is actually very difficult to use and is being studied by several mediators and negotiators in order to correctly apply it during legal mediation sessions. 

You should also be careful about the words you say. Even the most common and apparently innocent ones could appear negative or angry. You never know how someone else will react to your phrases, so you should train yourself to avoid using certain words or turns of phrase. Here is quite a useful list that could help:

  • Why…?“. Starting a phrase with this adverb will make the other person feel attacked and they will react accordingly. Try to ask questions in a different, more relaxed way.
  • I….I“. Try not to talk too much about your perspective, you want to make sure that both parties are equally taken into account.
  • I think that you../ I know what you mean“. These kinds of phrase can easily nullify all the apparent comprehension you so hardly tried to build during the conversation. Remember: you cannot speak for the other person, you just want to understand!
  • You’re wrong“. Yes, yes, sometimes people are wrong, well, most of the times, but so are you! Even when you think others are not getting things right, remember: you persective is not the only one around.

To sum up, conflict is part of our life, it cannot and should not be avoid all the time. Peace is nothing without conflict and if you use these tips you might make your life a lot easier.



The world of magic: Disneyland Paris!

Have you ever been in Disneyland Paris?

This place is the heaven of children but it is also loved by adults.


In Paris (Marne la Vallée), the magical world of Disneyland is divided into two large parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios.
The first one is divided into four areas: Fantasyland, Adventureland, Discoveryland and Frontierland. This area is full of rides and entertainments for everyone.

The air that you breathe here is unique: there are streets created according to the American style and there is also music of the Disney cartoon motions. However, you also have to opportunity to meet different Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse (which is the main protagonist), Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and many others.


While, the second park relates to the cinema: it is a full immersion in the world of Hollywood. Thanks to several entertainments, you will discover some special effects and unique backgrounds behind the scenes of films.

In addition, near the two parks, there is an area named Disney Village: here there are several souvenir shops, restaurants and bars.

So, if you want to spend an alternative weekend made up of fun with your family or your friends, Disneyland is the perfect choice!