God bless cookies.

God bless Cookies.

Everyone loves cookies.

Cookies are among the most famous baked goods in the world. They’re eaten everywhere, from Europe to America and Asia, mostly thanks to big food company that sell standard quality take-out desserts.

A cookie is a baked good, usually small, sweet and flat, containing flour, oil or fat and sugar. The cookie dough is set out on a baking tray in groups of small balls that will spreaden and widen in the oven, forming the cookies. These sweet goods usually contain chocolate chips and chunks. They can also containa raisin, nuts, almonds or oats.

In many English speaking countries this baked goods are usually called “biscuits” and can be referred to as cookies only if they’re chewie enough. Cookies are sold in convenience stores, markets and vending machines. However, fresh cookies are sold everyday in bakeries and and coffeehouses.

Etimology and history.

The term “cookie” can be linked to various kinds of sweets and it’s usually referred to american or british specific baked goods. However, this term actually comes from Denmark, from the word  “koekie” which means “little cake“. The use of this term spread in America with the foundation of the first Dutch settlement of New Netherland in the 1600s.

According to scottish tradition and history, the term cookie derived from the verb “to cook“, a product of the ancient Middle Scots word “cukie“. There were many trades between scottish settlments and Danish people at the time and many traditions and words may have been influenced by these commercial and cultural exchanges.


The city of Edinburgh

Have you ever been in Edinburgh?

It is the capital of Scotland, representing one of the best tourist destinations.
The city lies on a series of hills. The historical parts of the city and its main castle, have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1995.
The hills of this city are very popular and they are 7: their name are  Arthur’s Seat, Castle Rock, Calton Hill, Corstorphine Hill, Braid Hills, Blackford Hill e Craiglockhard Hill.

Edinburgh has an oceanic-temperate climate with temperatures much warmer than other places in the same latitude. Winters are long but not very cold: in fact, the temperatures drop rarely below 0° C.

While, in summer the temperatures are between fresh and warm. They usually reach a maximum of 28 °C. In addition, during this season the weather and the temperatures are very variable because of the wind that often blows in this area of Scotland.

Rainfalls are distributed throughout the year and they are never plentiful: accordingly, Edinburgh is one of the driest cities of Britain.


Edinburgh Castle:
It is one of the most well-known attractions of the city.
It stands on an ancient rock of volcanic origin originally called Din Eidyn (the Edyn fortress), who assumed the name of Edinburgh after the invasion of the Angles in 638 A.D.
Today it is visited by over a million tourists a year.
From this building you can admire an amazing view of the city.

What can you see inside the Castle?
In addition to its magnificent medieval structure, inside the Castle you can visit the Hall of Honor, the Royal Jewels, the Royal Palace, the prisons, the National War Museum and the Scottish National War Memorial.
Furthermore you can see the famous ”one o’clock gun”, which is  the cannon shot that every day, except Sunday, has been shot at 13:00 to signal the time to ships that dock at the port. Did you know? This tradition dates back to 1846.

Then, in the royal apartment you can see the Crown Jewels such as the crown and scepter. In the same room you can also see the Stone of Scone, a place in which the Royal Scottish were crowned.

The banking sector plays an important role in the city of Edinburgh.
In fact, Edinburgh has become the sixth financial center of Europe thanks to the presence of numerous financial institutions such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is the fifth bank in the world or the Standard Life, which is a large cooperative that operates in financial.

Means of Transport:
The main train station is Edinburgh Waverley with houses more than 14 million passengers a year.
However, most city buses are operated by Lothian Buses, which also operates the night service, bus tours and night shuttles to the airport.

The Scottish government has its headquarters in St. Andrew’s House placed on Calton Hill and Victoria Quay in Leith. The official residence of the Scottish First Minister is the Bute House in Charlotte Square.
Furthermore, Edinburgh is one of 32 council areas of Scotland and its local authority is represented by the Edinburgh City Council which consists of 58 members elected by the citizens.
The council is headed by the Lord Provost. The elections for the city council are held every four years.

Old Town and New Town:
It is important to underline that the city of Edinburgh is divided into two areas: the Old Town and the New Town.
The Old Town houses many medieval structures and buildings that date back to the Protestant Reformation. They are situated near the main street called Royal Mile.
However, the “Royal Mile” is actually a set of four ways named Castlehill, Lawnmarket, High-Street and Canongate.
In addition, in this area you can visit some important and historical buildings such as the Museum of Scotland, the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish National Library, which is a library that houses about five million books. This is a very important cultural heritage for the city!

While, the New Town The New Town is situated near the famous road “Princes Street” and it was built toward the end of the 18th century.
Among the most popular buildings and attractions of this area we have to mention the National Gallery of Scotland, the Royal Scottish Academy and St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Edinburgh Festivals:
One of the best features of this city is the presence of festivals.
For instance, the “August Festival” attracts every year thousands of visitors who come to participate in music events, international entertainment and international culture, which make colorful the streets of the city for the entire month. However, the Edinburgh festival cultural program of this year includes 11 well-distributed from April to December.
They are named:

1. Edinburgh International Science Festival 1 – April 16, 2017
2. Imagine Children’s Festival: May 27 to June 4 2017
3. Edinburgh Film Festival: 21 June to 2 July 2017
4. Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival: July 14 to 23 2017
5. Edinburgh Art Festival: July 27 to August 27 2017
6. Royal Military Tattoo: 4 – August 26, 2017
7. Edinburgh International Festival: 4 – August 28, 2017
8. Edinburgh Fringe Festival: 4 – August 28, 2017
9. Edinburgh Book Festival: 12 to 28 August 2017
10. Edinburgh International Storytelling Festival: 20 – October 31, 2017
11. Edinburgh Hogmanay: December 30, 2017 – January 1, 2018


People and Drinks:
The city of Edinburgh is full of entertainment, especially during the weekend.
People are very friendly and they like to spend time with others in restaurants, bars and pubs.
Drinking is a traditional “activity” and there is a large amount of types of beers.
Another important drink of Scotland is the Whisky: about this feature, there are also some festivals dedicated to it during the year.

What about food?
In Edinburgh you can taste various dishes, which are typical of the city but also of the entire Scotland.
Among the most important dishes there are:

Black pudding
Scotch pies
Aberdeenshire butteries
Fish and chips
Scotch broth
Lorne sausage
Dundee cake
Peppermint creams
Scottish wild salmon
Scottish Farmed Salmon
Scotch Lamb
Shetland Lamb

and so on…

So, in conclusion we can say that the city of Edinburgh offers various reasons to be visited. Its traditional cuisine, its cultural places and natural landscape will give you an unforgettable experience.

How to cook Tofu?

Tofu is one of the many foods that can be obtained from soy, which is a complete nutrient-rich and highly nutritious plant.
Thanks to these features soy is very diffused in the vegan world. In fact, it can be a good alternative to dairy products and other foods of animal origin.


What are its origins?
The origins of Tofu are Chinese, although it is very common in Japan and Korea.
Its nutritional characteristics are really interesting. For instance, it is completely devoid of cholesterol.


How can you use the tofu in your recipes?
The mode of use of tofu are the most varied and often, it is a valid substitute to the traditional cheeses.
Let’s discover some good ways to cook tofu:


1. Soups: cut into cubes or thin strips, with tofu you can make soups and creamed vegetables more substantial, giving them a delicious taste!

2. Fried: is perhaps the most common ways of cooking, at least in the tradition of Asian cuisines.Browned: generally, the tofu is baked simply browning it in a pan or on the grill, with a little olive oil or sauces, until the surface assumes a slightly brown coloration. This operation is usually chosen to match the derivative of soya to vegetables, both raw and boiled or steamed.

3. Baked: tofu can also be baked, cutting it into slices. After this type of cooking, it tends to assume a more elastic consistency, but it will not melt like regular cheese.

4. Raw: it can be combined with fresh salads, breads, baked goods such as snacks, breadsticks and so on.

5. Snack: Finally, tofu is often used for quick snacks. For instance, It can be combined with oil and bread, becoming the vegan “bruschetta”, but it can also replace the classical cheese in toast and in the hamburger, maintaining its consistency.

Music Icons: The Beatles

The Beatles were an English rock band of Liverpool, which it has been active from 1957 to 1970.
The creation of this band has changedan era in music, costume, fashion and pop art fields.


According to reported estimates they have sold worldwide a total of some 600 million copies of albums, singles and cassettes, making them one of the artists most commercial impact until today and, in the United States, those with the greatest number of sales.


So they are considerated one of the greatest artists of all time but what is their history? When were they born?


Their story has begun in 1957 in the city of Liverpool, when two very young man named John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time on a stage at the Woolton Parish Church, during a rock concert: both of them were guitarists in two different groups of amateurs.
Between them started a friendship intended to produce a huge amount of historical songs. Thus, they decided to improve their poor technique guitar. This became possible also thanks to the new entry George Harrison, a classmate of Paul’s School,
In 1958 the first nucleus of the future Beatles was ready, even if they were called Quarrymen and they propose a strange mixture of skiffle music, which is a “poor” music based on traditional jazz rhythm and blues and rock’n’roll.


From this moment, they became famous and nowadays we know that the Beatles were four because of the appearance of another member, Ringo Starr.

In their years of activity they have been officially authors of 186 songs.


Several decades away from their official breakup they have been considered a mass phenomenon of global proportions.
Even if now the band has dissolved (because of the death of two components), the Beatles will always remain in our hearts and our souls.

How good is it to eat Honey?

How good is it to eat Honey?

Honey is good for your health, but why?

Honey is a substance used in sugary foods and it’s produced by social hymenopteran insects. These creatures, usually bees, need to collect sugary secretions from plants who produce floral nectar or aphid honeydew and then undergo a process of regurgitation, enzymatic activity and water evaporation.

Even though there are many kinds of honey produced by different animals and plants, the most common one is the honey produced by bees, because of its mass production and consumption by human beings. Honey’s taste is characterised by its distinctive sweetness, derived from monosaccharides fructose and glucose, very similar in sweetness to granulated sugar.

Honey provides about 64 calories for one serving of a tablespoon. Honey is also considered to be beneficial for health problems, but it can be dangerous for people with weak immune systems, as it can rarely lead to bacterial or fungus infections.

This sweet substance can, however, be used to treat a cough, since it has good antimicrobial properties that can soothe the throat and kill bacteria. This is why honey is often used to cure sore throats as well.

Honey can also be used to improve the quality of your sleep if added to hot milk and it can also be applied to wounds as a first aid since it absorbs water and helps reduce swelling.

We should be more than grateful for the existence of bees and that’s why we should protect the environment that nurtures them.

The birth of Lacoste

Lacoste is a French fashion brand.

It has been founded founded by René Lacoste and his friend André Gillier,in 1933


Do you know the history of this brand?


René Lacoste, wasn’t just a stylist. He was also an important tennis player.
Because of his talent in this sport, he was named “the crocodile” by his fans.

Afterwards, he decided to use this appellation, deciding to became famous for the invention of the pole, with the crocodile placed on left chest.
Thus, René Lacoste and his friend André Gillier founded the clothing house following the creation of this new clothing.


What is a polo?


It is similar to a T-shirt with short sleeves, but more elegant and fashion, thanks to the presence of a in ribbed collar (similar to shirts).
In the following years, Lacoste has devoted much attention not only to the tennis but also to other sports such as football and especially golf, because his wife was an assiduous practitioner of this sport.


So, even if Lacoste was born principally in France, nowadays is famous in various countries, becoming not only a sports clothing but also a fashion outfit. You can buy Lacoste items on shops or in online stores.

World’s most expensive dollhouse.

World's most expensive dollhouse

The beauty of dollhouse is for everyone to see.

Dollhouse, lovely miniature reproduction of real mansions crafted by expert artists in different scales as children toys or for the pure joy of collectors: they’ve been around for centuries and some of them are true pieces of art with enormous monetary value.

There are plenty of examples of marvellous dollhouses furnished with fine miniatures representing real pieces of furniture from historical villas and castels, tiny paintings and embroidery of the highest quality. One of this rare pieces is the Astolat Dollhouse Castle, by the majestic Colorado-based artist Elaine Diehl.

This awsome miniature mansion is made up of 29 little rooms and it took 13 entire years to be finished starting from the 1980s. It wasn’t obviously a one-woman cretion, but Elaine was helped by many different artisans, from glass blowers to carpenters and goldsmiths.

The Astolat dollhouse is modeled after the Tennyson’s Lady of Shallot mansion and it contains pieces from the 1949 worth thousands of dollars alone. This miniature wonder is worth 8.5 million dollars and it was first displayed to the public for a benefic purpose in 2015: all the earnings from the show were donated to an Autism non profit association.

You may not be able to afford this piece of craftsmanship, but you can start with one of the many dollhouse kits for beginners available online!

Do you like Noodles?

The noodles are the oriental “spaghetti” generally made up of rice flour with (or without) eggs. They are very similar to the Italian spaghetti but actually they have a different texture and flavor.
You can buy them fresh or dried, and you can choose them thin or robust.

Where can you buy noodles?
You find them in all supermarkets and ethnic food stores.

How to cook them?
They are really simple to cook. At the same time, there are different recipes that you can realize.

The most common recipe is “Noodles with vegetables
How to cook them? Let’s discover it now!

Cook the noodles in salted boiling water for the cooking time indicated on the package.Afterwards, put in a wok or in a pan cutted (in small pieces or giulienne) zucchini and carrots. Use light oil seeds (not olive oil). Let make the vegetables crunchy and then add the noodles and a bit of soy sauce.

So the recipe is very simple. However noodles can be cooked as you prefer (in terms of extra ingredients).
According to the oriental tradition, the other common recipes with noodles are:

1. Noodles with chicken
2. Noodles with peanut butter
3. Noodles with shrimp
4. Noodles with coconut soup

The benefits of drinking coffee

The benefits of drinking coffee

Coffee is a real addiction for many people around the world. Many drink coffee in the morning for the help that Caffeine gives to stay awake or to start the day with a positive attitude. But drinking coffee can be beneficial for you for many other reasons and science is pretty clear about it.

Caffeine can, in fact, not only give you energy to get through the day, but it can also make you smarter. This substance is psychoactive and can be very useful for your brain activity. It is absorbed into bloodstreams and from there into the brain. It can lead to enhanced firing of neurons and to the increasing of many neurotransmitters.

Coffee can alsohelp you burn fat and is contained in every fat burning supplement and it can boost the metabolic rate. Scientific studies have proven that caffeine can burn 10% fat in obese people and up to 29% in people with normale weight.

Caffeine is good not only because it breaks down fat cells, but it also impoves you physical performance during sport, because it increases Epinephrine (Adrenaline) levels in the blood. Coffee is also full of beneficial nutrients for your body, like Magnesium and Potassium.

So, overall drinking coffee can be very good for your health, but it can also be dangerous: consuming too much coffee could cause permanent damage to your heart and also become a terrible addiction.

The idea of time: Albert Einstein and Henri Bergson

What do you know about the relativity of time?


To better understand the theory of relativity it is necessary a deep study of physics and its laws.


With Albert Einstein the idea of Universe was totally revolutionized.
Einstein’s intuition was about discovering how in reality the forces that were able to attract didn’t exist, but forces capable of pushing were real. Understanding, theorizing and measuring this “push” was the fundamental turning point of Einstein’s ideas.
He predicted a force capable of attracting the bodies between them. The masses are able to deform temporal space, creating a whole series of effects, for instance the theory of relativity.
According to this theory, time and space have subjective dimensions.


External time vs Internal Time
Time was also questioned by the philosopher Henri Bergson.
According to him, there were two types of time: the historical time and the psychological time.
The first is external, linear and measured in terms of the spatial distance “travelled by a pendulum or the hands of a clock”.
The second is internal, subjective and “measured by the emotional intensity of a moment”.


These theories have influenced not only science but also various fields such as psychology, philosophy and literature.