Fashion trends of Spring/Summer 2017

And so, also the fashion week in Paris is ended, but, what will be the trend of the new season? Here the list of the 5 best must:

  • At the top of the list there are the XL sleeves: long or short, white or colored, the important is that they must be very BIG!
  • A pice that all of we have in our wardrobe: the little plaid! The best match is black and white, and you can use it with skirt, shirt, pants or everywhere you want!
  • If Spring meaning happy color, yellow is the keyword of this year! Don’t care if you use it in accessories, clothes or shoes, the important is wear it!
  • Trench is always a good idea! Specially in this season were the weather is really crazy and change constantly… black, white, brawn is the same, you will be always elegant and fashionable with it!
  • From 2000 the one shoulder top are back! Particular and sexy, it will be a big must of this season.