Unconventional Ways People Got Rich.

Unconventional Ways People Got Rich.

People get rich, sometimes rather low-key individual can become millioners. It sure seems strange and unbelievable, but it takes only one good idea and a lot of force of will and anyone can increase their income to incredible levels.

In time, a lot of creative people became rich thanks to their weird and marvellous minds and here’s a nice and funny list where you’ll find amore about some of these geniuses.

  • Youtubers: this one was quite obvious. Everyone knows about YouTube and how many Youtubers got the opportunity to earn a steady income just by uploading daily videos online with a youtube partnership. One example is obviously PewDiePie, who can make up to 7.4 million dollars a year with video game walkthroughs.
  • Yogurt in an abandoned factory: this is the story of Hamdi Ulukaya, the inventor of the famous brand Chobani Yogurt. He started his business as an immigrant and started producing his yogurt in an old abandoned factory. In five years he earned 1 billion dollars in revenue.
  • Selling Pixels: Yeah, selling pixels. I mean, each site on the web is made up of millions of pixels. That’s what Alex Tew though in 2005. He was a student struggling to pay his college tuition, so he bought a 1 million pixels web space and started selling each pixel for a dollar to whoever was interested. Well, he made 1 million dollars in a few months.
  • Pet Rocks: Gary Dahl liked to decorate rocks with eyes and mouths. He started selling them as funny little fake pets and he sold 1.5 million pet rocks. Each one was 4 dollars.
  • Selling Garbage: Trining Climaco dropped out of high school and started sorting through garbage and selling what she found. She became rich in a matter of months.

When you read about these stories you might get the feeling that you’re missing out. Well you are! Get creative and rich. I mean, someone became a millioner by selling rocks with eyes, I think you can do better!

Strangest jobs you didn’t even know existed.

Strangest jobs you didn't even know existed

The Strangest Jobs Available.

There are so many job opportunities around and each one can be more or less suited for different personalities and characterial features. Each one of us aspires to get a nice and well-paying job or maybe a less time-consuming one that can help us earn something for side expenses. For whatever reason you’re looking for a job, the world is full of clever people who came up with the strangest ideas for a job application.

Nowadays you can practically pay someone to do anything for you: to walk your pets, to cook for a family dinner, to plan your party, your wedding or even style your wardrobe. All these jobs seem funny and clever, but there are some that are even stranger and, sometimes, rather curious.

  1. Iceberg Mover: this one pretty much explains itself with its name. You move icebergs from their original location in the ocean to another one. This job became available shortly after the events of the Titanic in 1912. There an International Ice Patrol, part of the US Coast Guard, that monitorates and moves icebergs if needed.
  2. Snake Milker: Tired of being a “boring famer” milking cows? Then why not switching to snakes! Their milk is used in laboratories for research and to create anti-venom.
  3. Professional Cuddler: In some countries people can get paid to cuddle their lonely clients during cold nights. This has nothing to do with prostitution apparently (excuse my sarcasm), but it still is a weird job indeed.
  4. Professional Bridesmaid: If you’re a bride in need of some serious and pofessional bridesmaids that can replace your unorganized and clumsy real friends, why not paying one? Professional bridesmaids are becoming more and more popular, offering all kinds of services for brides-to-be.
  5. Dog Surfing Instructors: If your dog cannot surf properly you MUST hire a professional dog surfing instructor to teach him. Yeah, you can spend money they way you like, I guess…

This is just a quick list but you can find more and more ideas online, be sure not to miss any of this “wonderful” opportunities!