The most venomous snakes you Must avoid!

The most venomous snakes you Must avoid!

There are some very dangerous animals in our world.

First of all, we must distinguish the adjective “venomous” from the adjective “poisonous“, since, believe me, people get them confused a lot more than expected. You can describe an item, food, animal as “poisonous” when it can poison you if you bite it or eat it. On the other hand, “venomous” can describe an animal that can poison you if it bites you.

That being said, when we think of venomous animals, the first thing that comes to our minds are snakes. There are tons of snake species and they all have different fangs, scales and lenght. Some of them are innocuous and some of them are really dangerous. Luckily for you, the ones you should avoid at all cost live in remoted areas (unless you live in those areas…).

Even snakes experts need to handle these ones with care. So here’s a quick list of 4 of the most dangerous snakes in the world:

  1. Saw Scaled Viper: this snake is a viper and lives mostly in India, China and South East Asia. It’s very fast and its bite can cause heart failures and septicaemia.
  2. Black Mamba: this snake lives in many areas of Africa and is the fastest land snake in the world. Just 0.25 mg/kg of its venom can kill a human in 50% of cases.
  3. Eastern Brown Snake: this snake mostly lives in Australia and attacks only if it feels threatened. It mostly stands still, but if it feels the need to defend itself it can chase and repeatedly attack its victim. Its venom is very powerful and even a youngling can easily kill a human with a bite. However, they hardly use venom in their bites.
  4. Fierce Snake: Also called the Inland Taipan, this snake has such a strong venom that even 110 mg of it can kill up to 100 humans. A single bite of the fierce snake can kill a human in 45 minutes.

If you don’t like snakes, well, just hope you never come face to face with one of these guys!

Unconventional Ways People Got Rich.

Unconventional Ways People Got Rich.

People get rich, sometimes rather low-key individual can become millioners. It sure seems strange and unbelievable, but it takes only one good idea and a lot of force of will and anyone can increase their income to incredible levels.

In time, a lot of creative people became rich thanks to their weird and marvellous minds and here’s a nice and funny list where you’ll find amore about some of these geniuses.

  • Youtubers: this one was quite obvious. Everyone knows about YouTube and how many Youtubers got the opportunity to earn a steady income just by uploading daily videos online with a youtube partnership. One example is obviously PewDiePie, who can make up to 7.4 million dollars a year with video game walkthroughs.
  • Yogurt in an abandoned factory: this is the story of Hamdi Ulukaya, the inventor of the famous brand Chobani Yogurt. He started his business as an immigrant and started producing his yogurt in an old abandoned factory. In five years he earned 1 billion dollars in revenue.
  • Selling Pixels: Yeah, selling pixels. I mean, each site on the web is made up of millions of pixels. That’s what Alex Tew though in 2005. He was a student struggling to pay his college tuition, so he bought a 1 million pixels web space and started selling each pixel for a dollar to whoever was interested. Well, he made 1 million dollars in a few months.
  • Pet Rocks: Gary Dahl liked to decorate rocks with eyes and mouths. He started selling them as funny little fake pets and he sold 1.5 million pet rocks. Each one was 4 dollars.
  • Selling Garbage: Trining Climaco dropped out of high school and started sorting through garbage and selling what she found. She became rich in a matter of months.

When you read about these stories you might get the feeling that you’re missing out. Well you are! Get creative and rich. I mean, someone became a millioner by selling rocks with eyes, I think you can do better!

God bless cookies.

God bless Cookies.

Everyone loves cookies.

Cookies are among the most famous baked goods in the world. They’re eaten everywhere, from Europe to America and Asia, mostly thanks to big food company that sell standard quality take-out desserts.

A cookie is a baked good, usually small, sweet and flat, containing flour, oil or fat and sugar. The cookie dough is set out on a baking tray in groups of small balls that will spreaden and widen in the oven, forming the cookies. These sweet goods usually contain chocolate chips and chunks. They can also containa raisin, nuts, almonds or oats.

In many English speaking countries this baked goods are usually called “biscuits” and can be referred to as cookies only if they’re chewie enough. Cookies are sold in convenience stores, markets and vending machines. However, fresh cookies are sold everyday in bakeries and and coffeehouses.

Etimology and history.

The term “cookie” can be linked to various kinds of sweets and it’s usually referred to american or british specific baked goods. However, this term actually comes from Denmark, from the word  “koekie” which means “little cake“. The use of this term spread in America with the foundation of the first Dutch settlement of New Netherland in the 1600s.

According to scottish tradition and history, the term cookie derived from the verb “to cook“, a product of the ancient Middle Scots word “cukie“. There were many trades between scottish settlments and Danish people at the time and many traditions and words may have been influenced by these commercial and cultural exchanges.


How good is it to eat Honey?

How good is it to eat Honey?

Honey is good for your health, but why?

Honey is a substance used in sugary foods and it’s produced by social hymenopteran insects. These creatures, usually bees, need to collect sugary secretions from plants who produce floral nectar or aphid honeydew and then undergo a process of regurgitation, enzymatic activity and water evaporation.

Even though there are many kinds of honey produced by different animals and plants, the most common one is the honey produced by bees, because of its mass production and consumption by human beings. Honey’s taste is characterised by its distinctive sweetness, derived from monosaccharides fructose and glucose, very similar in sweetness to granulated sugar.

Honey provides about 64 calories for one serving of a tablespoon. Honey is also considered to be beneficial for health problems, but it can be dangerous for people with weak immune systems, as it can rarely lead to bacterial or fungus infections.

This sweet substance can, however, be used to treat a cough, since it has good antimicrobial properties that can soothe the throat and kill bacteria. This is why honey is often used to cure sore throats as well.

Honey can also be used to improve the quality of your sleep if added to hot milk and it can also be applied to wounds as a first aid since it absorbs water and helps reduce swelling.

We should be more than grateful for the existence of bees and that’s why we should protect the environment that nurtures them.

World’s most expensive dollhouse.

World's most expensive dollhouse

The beauty of dollhouse is for everyone to see.

Dollhouse, lovely miniature reproduction of real mansions crafted by expert artists in different scales as children toys or for the pure joy of collectors: they’ve been around for centuries and some of them are true pieces of art with enormous monetary value.

There are plenty of examples of marvellous dollhouses furnished with fine miniatures representing real pieces of furniture from historical villas and castels, tiny paintings and embroidery of the highest quality. One of this rare pieces is the Astolat Dollhouse Castle, by the majestic Colorado-based artist Elaine Diehl.

This awsome miniature mansion is made up of 29 little rooms and it took 13 entire years to be finished starting from the 1980s. It wasn’t obviously a one-woman cretion, but Elaine was helped by many different artisans, from glass blowers to carpenters and goldsmiths.

The Astolat dollhouse is modeled after the Tennyson’s Lady of Shallot mansion and it contains pieces from the 1949 worth thousands of dollars alone. This miniature wonder is worth 8.5 million dollars and it was first displayed to the public for a benefic purpose in 2015: all the earnings from the show were donated to an Autism non profit association.

You may not be able to afford this piece of craftsmanship, but you can start with one of the many dollhouse kits for beginners available online!

The benefits of drinking coffee

The benefits of drinking coffee

Coffee is a real addiction for many people around the world. Many drink coffee in the morning for the help that Caffeine gives to stay awake or to start the day with a positive attitude. But drinking coffee can be beneficial for you for many other reasons and science is pretty clear about it.

Caffeine can, in fact, not only give you energy to get through the day, but it can also make you smarter. This substance is psychoactive and can be very useful for your brain activity. It is absorbed into bloodstreams and from there into the brain. It can lead to enhanced firing of neurons and to the increasing of many neurotransmitters.

Coffee can alsohelp you burn fat and is contained in every fat burning supplement and it can boost the metabolic rate. Scientific studies have proven that caffeine can burn 10% fat in obese people and up to 29% in people with normale weight.

Caffeine is good not only because it breaks down fat cells, but it also impoves you physical performance during sport, because it increases Epinephrine (Adrenaline) levels in the blood. Coffee is also full of beneficial nutrients for your body, like Magnesium and Potassium.

So, overall drinking coffee can be very good for your health, but it can also be dangerous: consuming too much coffee could cause permanent damage to your heart and also become a terrible addiction.

The delicious history of the Hamburger

The delicious history of the Hamburger

Hamburgers might not be too healthy, but they taste good.

A hamburger is a sandwich made up of one or two patties of cooked meat placed inside a sliced roll of bread. The term burger may apply to different kind of hamburgers around the world, like the bison burger, the turkey burger or the veggie burger.

The hamburger is very famous and eaten worldwide, however the history regarding its origin remains unclear. There are many claims in different areas of America and european countries, but noone really knows where it was first invented. “The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy” by Hannah Glasse (1758) actually refers to a “burger sausage” very similar to nowadays hamburger.

In 1869 a similar snack was also popular in Hamburg, by the name of “bread roll warm” (Rundstück warm), made up of two pieces of bread and meat on the inside.

In 1884 the Boston Journal discussed about the “Hambug Steak” and  on July 5, 1896, the Chicago Daily Tribune made a reference regarding a “hamburger sandwich” in an article about a “Sandwich Car”.

The truth might have been uncovered by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, who believes the famous hamburger was first created in America by Louis Lassen, a danish immigrant, who had a diner in New Haven, Connecticut.

Even though we might never truly uncover the misteries regarding the origins of this marvelous and delocious food, the most important thing is that we’re still able to enjoy this fat delicacy filled with cheese, bacon and lettuce.

Strangest jobs you didn’t even know existed.

Strangest jobs you didn't even know existed

The Strangest Jobs Available.

There are so many job opportunities around and each one can be more or less suited for different personalities and characterial features. Each one of us aspires to get a nice and well-paying job or maybe a less time-consuming one that can help us earn something for side expenses. For whatever reason you’re looking for a job, the world is full of clever people who came up with the strangest ideas for a job application.

Nowadays you can practically pay someone to do anything for you: to walk your pets, to cook for a family dinner, to plan your party, your wedding or even style your wardrobe. All these jobs seem funny and clever, but there are some that are even stranger and, sometimes, rather curious.

  1. Iceberg Mover: this one pretty much explains itself with its name. You move icebergs from their original location in the ocean to another one. This job became available shortly after the events of the Titanic in 1912. There an International Ice Patrol, part of the US Coast Guard, that monitorates and moves icebergs if needed.
  2. Snake Milker: Tired of being a “boring famer” milking cows? Then why not switching to snakes! Their milk is used in laboratories for research and to create anti-venom.
  3. Professional Cuddler: In some countries people can get paid to cuddle their lonely clients during cold nights. This has nothing to do with prostitution apparently (excuse my sarcasm), but it still is a weird job indeed.
  4. Professional Bridesmaid: If you’re a bride in need of some serious and pofessional bridesmaids that can replace your unorganized and clumsy real friends, why not paying one? Professional bridesmaids are becoming more and more popular, offering all kinds of services for brides-to-be.
  5. Dog Surfing Instructors: If your dog cannot surf properly you MUST hire a professional dog surfing instructor to teach him. Yeah, you can spend money they way you like, I guess…

This is just a quick list but you can find more and more ideas online, be sure not to miss any of this “wonderful” opportunities!

Cupcakes that will win your heart!

Cupcakes that will win your heart

Everyone knows about cupcakes!

Cupcakes are one of the most famous cakes in the world. They’re, as the name suggests, small cakes just right to serve one person and they’re also called “fairy cakes” or “patty cakes” in different variations of the English language. Cupcakes are usually baked in thin paper or in an aluminium cup. They’re very similar to muffins and what truly distinguishes them is their colourful icings usually decorated with delicious sprinkles on top.

These awsome mini-cakes were first mentioned in American Cookery by Amelia Simmons (1796), the first american citizen to write about cooking in a book of recipes. The name “cupcakes” was given to this dessert since in centuries previous to the 19th people didn’t really have molds to bake such tiny cakes, so they just used cups and pottery.

Why are cupcakes so popular?

Cupcakes are becoming more and more reknown thanks to globalisation and social medias. With the possibility to travel around the world and sharing traditions and food, many people are given the opportunity to try out these delicious mini cakes in America and Great Britain, spreading their fame in their homeland when they go back. Cupcakes are also becoming more and more popular thanks to social medias, since their funny, joyful and colourful appearance is perfect to be shared online with friends, followers and fans.

However, the main reason why cupcakes are so popular and trendy is because they taste delicious and contain less calories than a real cake (they’re little so less fat! Or are they…?). The standard cupcake contains: butter, sugar, eggs and flour. Their smaller size also helps with baking, since they can bake way faster than normal desserts and cakes. The best way to make a cupcake is to fill them with more icing, fruit or pastry cream and you can choose whatever you want!

There are thousands of good recipes online and you can make so many different types of cupcakes that you can basically eat for thousands of years. Indulge in your gluttony with these heavenly small cakes and stop caring about getting fat, at least you’ll be doing it right.

Other interesting variations of the standard cupcake include: ball cake, cake in a mug, cake in a jar, butterfly cake and gourmet cupcake. Bon appetit!

The majestic and gracious jellyfishes

The majestic and gracious jellyfishes

Dancers of the sea, both gracious and dangerous.

Jellyfishes are known all over the world and they inhabit different seas with thousands of species and variations. These wonderful animals are also called “jellies” and are charaterised by their soft body composed of trailing tentacles and a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell. 

They move with a notorious free-swimming pace, following the flow. This specific way of moving, thanks to the various lenght of their tentacles, makes them look like they’re slowly dancing with the flow. Most jellyfishes live in the sea, but some of them can also be found in fresh-water. What’s so special about these creatures is that they represent the oldest multi-organ animal! They first appeared 500 or 700 millions years ago and they still roam the oceans.

The beauty of danger.

As beautiful as they may be, some jellyfishes can do more than just cause you a skin irritation if you touch them. There are, in fact, some dangerous ones that can even kill a human being with a single touch. One of the most perilous is the box jellyfish from Australia. This jelly can have tentacles that grow up to three metres and if they come in contact with human skin they can cause a pain so strong that it leads in most cases to heart failure or drowning.

If you want to see some beautiful examples of jellyfishes, you better watch them online or make a trip to the nearest aquarium, since a face-to-face encounter might result in some unpleasant situations!