How much can you earn with an Android app?

Intro :

The smartphone era is here. The world as we know it today has become quite tech savvy. What can’t be done using a smartphone? We all are quite reliant on our smart devices you help us in literally everything. Making payments, shopping, socializing, finding a job and more has become quite a breeze. To actually make these things happen, we use the help of mobile applications. Android being a popular platform hosts a plethora of applications. Android is preferred as a development platform compared to iOS due to the lower cost of devices.


How to make one :

There are a few steps one needs to follow before making an application on Android. First and foremost one should install Android Studio which is the foundation for building an application. After you do that you select an option of creating a new project. Then you add a welcome message, after which you add a button to the main activity. You then go on to create another/ second activity. After that, it is time to write the button’s “onclick” method. If all these steps are done well, its finally time to test the application. If all goes well you’re ready to add functionality to your app and then put it up live for users to install.


Earning potential and scope:
The potential and scope to earn via your very own Android app are quite good as long as you have a great strategy in place. The play store is full of apps, and to enable yourself to stand out and really earn, your application needs to be unique with mild competition or better yet, none. There are your basic ways of earning that is in-app purchases, in-app advertisements and premium versions of the app. While this has been successful in the past, its only the unique and different apps that tend to reach a good earning potential. You need to learn how to implement the correct monetization strategy and also how to increase your paid users. If you can capture this, the scope of earning is limitless.

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