What do you know about Everest?

The Everest is the highest mountain of Earth.
Its name is not universal: in fact, it is also known in Nepal as Sagarmāthā and in China as Chomolungma.
However, the name Everest (that is commonly used today) was introduced in 1865 by the General Andrew Waugh in honor of Sir George Everest, who worked for many years as head of British Geographers in India at the service of the British crown.

Main features of Everest:

The Everest has pyramid shape, It is made up of three walls and three crests.

The three walls are:

North Wall (Chinese), which overlooks the Rongbuk glacier;
East wall (Chinese), overlooks the Kangshung glacier;
South West face (Nepal), which overlooks the Khumbu glacier.

While the three crests are:

Northeast crest that divides the north and east walls and start from step Rapiu La (6548 m). It also divides the Rongbuk glacier in two parts: eastern and a western.
Southeast crest, which divides the south-west and east walls and start from the South Col (7906 m) and it joins the Everest with Lhotse (8516 m);
Finally, West crest that divides walls north and southwest and it begins from the step of Lho La (6026 m) which links Everest with Khumbutse (6636 m).

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