Music Icons: The Beatles

The Beatles were an English rock band of Liverpool, which it has been active from 1957 to 1970.
The creation of this band has changedan era in music, costume, fashion and pop art fields.


According to reported estimates they have sold worldwide a total of some 600 million copies of albums, singles and cassettes, making them one of the artists most commercial impact until today and, in the United States, those with the greatest number of sales.


So they are considerated one of the greatest artists of all time but what is their history? When were they born?


Their story has begun in 1957 in the city of Liverpool, when two very young man named John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time on a stage at the Woolton Parish Church, during a rock concert: both of them were guitarists in two different groups of amateurs.
Between them started a friendship intended to produce a huge amount of historical songs. Thus, they decided to improve their poor technique guitar. This became possible also thanks to the new entry George Harrison, a classmate of Paul’s School,
In 1958 the first nucleus of the future Beatles was ready, even if they were called Quarrymen and they propose a strange mixture of skiffle music, which is a “poor” music based on traditional jazz rhythm and blues and rock’n’roll.


From this moment, they became famous and nowadays we know that the Beatles were four because of the appearance of another member, Ringo Starr.

In their years of activity they have been officially authors of 186 songs.


Several decades away from their official breakup they have been considered a mass phenomenon of global proportions.
Even if now the band has dissolved (because of the death of two components), the Beatles will always remain in our hearts and our souls.

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