How to cook Tofu?

Tofu is one of the many foods that can be obtained from soy, which is a complete nutrient-rich and highly nutritious plant.
Thanks to these features soy is very diffused in the vegan world. In fact, it can be a good alternative to dairy products and other foods of animal origin.


What are its origins?
The origins of Tofu are Chinese, although it is very common in Japan and Korea.
Its nutritional characteristics are really interesting. For instance, it is completely devoid of cholesterol.


How can you use the tofu in your recipes?
The mode of use of tofu are the most varied and often, it is a valid substitute to the traditional cheeses.
Let’s discover some good ways to cook tofu:


1. Soups: cut into cubes or thin strips, with tofu you can make soups and creamed vegetables more substantial, giving them a delicious taste!

2. Fried: is perhaps the most common ways of cooking, at least in the tradition of Asian cuisines.Browned: generally, the tofu is baked simply browning it in a pan or on the grill, with a little olive oil or sauces, until the surface assumes a slightly brown coloration. This operation is usually chosen to match the derivative of soya to vegetables, both raw and boiled or steamed.

3. Baked: tofu can also be baked, cutting it into slices. After this type of cooking, it tends to assume a more elastic consistency, but it will not melt like regular cheese.

4. Raw: it can be combined with fresh salads, breads, baked goods such as snacks, breadsticks and so on.

5. Snack: Finally, tofu is often used for quick snacks. For instance, It can be combined with oil and bread, becoming the vegan “bruschetta”, but it can also replace the classical cheese in toast and in the hamburger, maintaining its consistency.

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