The birth of Lacoste

Lacoste is a French fashion brand.

It has been founded founded by René Lacoste and his friend André Gillier,in 1933


Do you know the history of this brand?


René Lacoste, wasn’t just a stylist. He was also an important tennis player.
Because of his talent in this sport, he was named “the crocodile” by his fans.

Afterwards, he decided to use this appellation, deciding to became famous for the invention of the pole, with the crocodile placed on left chest.
Thus, René Lacoste and his friend André Gillier founded the clothing house following the creation of this new clothing.


What is a polo?


It is similar to a T-shirt with short sleeves, but more elegant and fashion, thanks to the presence of a in ribbed collar (similar to shirts).
In the following years, Lacoste has devoted much attention not only to the tennis but also to other sports such as football and especially golf, because his wife was an assiduous practitioner of this sport.


So, even if Lacoste was born principally in France, nowadays is famous in various countries, becoming not only a sports clothing but also a fashion outfit. You can buy Lacoste items on shops or in online stores.

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