Do you like Noodles?

The noodles are the oriental “spaghetti” generally made up of rice flour with (or without) eggs. They are very similar to the Italian spaghetti but actually they have a different texture and flavor.
You can buy them fresh or dried, and you can choose them thin or robust.

Where can you buy noodles?
You find them in all supermarkets and ethnic food stores.

How to cook them?
They are really simple to cook. At the same time, there are different recipes that you can realize.

The most common recipe is “Noodles with vegetables
How to cook them? Let’s discover it now!

Cook the noodles in salted boiling water for the cooking time indicated on the package.Afterwards, put in a wok or in a pan cutted (in small pieces or giulienne) zucchini and carrots. Use light oil seeds (not olive oil). Let make the vegetables crunchy and then add the noodles and a bit of soy sauce.

So the recipe is very simple. However noodles can be cooked as you prefer (in terms of extra ingredients).
According to the oriental tradition, the other common recipes with noodles are:

1. Noodles with chicken
2. Noodles with peanut butter
3. Noodles with shrimp
4. Noodles with coconut soup

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