The idea of time: Albert Einstein and Henri Bergson

What do you know about the relativity of time?


To better understand the theory of relativity it is necessary a deep study of physics and its laws.


With Albert Einstein the idea of Universe was totally revolutionized.
Einstein’s intuition was about discovering how in reality the forces that were able to attract didn’t exist, but forces capable of pushing were real. Understanding, theorizing and measuring this “push” was the fundamental turning point of Einstein’s ideas.
He predicted a force capable of attracting the bodies between them. The masses are able to deform temporal space, creating a whole series of effects, for instance the theory of relativity.
According to this theory, time and space have subjective dimensions.


External time vs Internal Time
Time was also questioned by the philosopher Henri Bergson.
According to him, there were two types of time: the historical time and the psychological time.
The first is external, linear and measured in terms of the spatial distance “travelled by a pendulum or the hands of a clock”.
The second is internal, subjective and “measured by the emotional intensity of a moment”.


These theories have influenced not only science but also various fields such as psychology, philosophy and literature.

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