Tourist destinations: Grand Canyon National Park (USA)

Have you ever been here?

The National Park of Grand Canyon is situated in Arizona (USA).

It was opened in 1919 and it represents one of the best natural place of America.

What are its natural origins?

Because of a powerful erosion, the Colorado River created a sort of huge gorge. Accordingly, the river has carved its way creating a canyon 446 kilometres long, about 1,5 kilometres deep and 29 kilometres wide.
This place changes continuously through natural events: powerful rainfalls, show, heat and wind.
Furthermore, also the color of stones suffers many changes because of the light: from grey and brown to pink and from red to violet.

There are different ways to explore the Grand Canyon: for instance by helicopter or by hiking down to the bottom. However, in summer it is not a good idea because the weather is extremely hot.

How many animals are there?
Animal life in this place includes about 70 different species. You can find squirrels, coyotes, the bighorn sheep, the ringtail cat, the mule deer, reptiles and five types of amphibians. In addition, there are about 250 species of birds.

A little curiosity: five Indian tribes live in this region! They are the Hopi, Navajos, Havasupai, Paiute and Hualapai.

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