The majestic and gracious jellyfishes

The majestic and gracious jellyfishes

Dancers of the sea, both gracious and dangerous.

Jellyfishes are known all over the world and they inhabit different seas with thousands of species and variations. These wonderful animals are also called “jellies” and are charaterised by their soft body composed of trailing tentacles and a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell. 

They move with a notorious free-swimming pace, following the flow. This specific way of moving, thanks to the various lenght of their tentacles, makes them look like they’re slowly dancing with the flow. Most jellyfishes live in the sea, but some of them can also be found in fresh-water. What’s so special about these creatures is that they represent the oldest multi-organ animal! They first appeared 500 or 700 millions years ago and they still roam the oceans.

The beauty of danger.

As beautiful as they may be, some jellyfishes can do more than just cause you a skin irritation if you touch them. There are, in fact, some dangerous ones that can even kill a human being with a single touch. One of the most perilous is the box jellyfish from Australia. This jelly can have tentacles that grow up to three metres and if they come in contact with human skin they can cause a pain so strong that it leads in most cases to heart failure or drowning.

If you want to see some beautiful examples of jellyfishes, you better watch them online or make a trip to the nearest aquarium, since a face-to-face encounter might result in some unpleasant situations!

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