Beauty and the Beast (2017): the Plot

The famous fairy tale Beauty and the Beast has returned with a movie, having the partecipation of Emma Watson, who interprets Belle.
Do you know the history of this unforgettable Disney animated movie?


Villeneuve is a French village, where life is very monotonous. Belle, daughter of Maurice who is an eccentric local artist, dreams for herself a different life. One day, after being attacked by wolves on the market street, Maurice finds refuge in a ruined castle, not knowing that this dark and mysterious place is actually home to a fearsome beast. Belle, worried for the situation, goes to search him. The only way to release her father is taking his place. So she became the guest of that cursed place where people have the appearance of talking furnishings and their master is a rude and heartless monster. But thanks to her courage, she manages to be strong against the brutality of the beast. However, after an episode of rescuing, she notices the most kind and generous side of the beast. Accordingly, between them, a tender friendship is born.
Thus, all the talking “objects” begin to hope that Belle is his true love and she can break a mysterious spell.

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