Top Five Unbelievable Phobias

Top Five Unbelievable Phobias

Scared of the dark, scared of heights, scared of clowns...

People are scared of many things. Each one of us is secretly horrified by something in particular, more or less strange according to each different personality. However, some people are afflicted with very peculiar phobias that truly make it almost impossible for them to live a normal life.

A phobia can be defined as a specific type of anxiety disorder that leads to a persistent fear of an object or situation. There are thousands of possible phobias, but here we have collected a list of the strangest five around.

Five Strangest Phobias:

  1. Somniphobia: The fear of sleep. Now, can you imagine being afraid of going to bed? A human brain needs proper sleep to fully function and can lose its capacity even after a day. Somniphbics sure have a hard life.
  2. Ambulophobia: The fear of walking or standing. The implications of this phobia are so utterly terrifying that anyone who suffers from this condition lives in costant fear of moving.
  3. Chronophobia: The fear of the passing of time or of time itself. Watches? No. Clocks? No. Someone asks you what time it is? You get a mental break-down. Funny, right?
  4. Phobophobia: The fear of developing a phobia. Well, this one kind of speaks for itself. This phobia is basically a paradox, since you’re scared of developing a phobia while alredy suffering from one.
  5. Pantophobia: The fear of everything. Just let it sink it: the fear of everything, every single thing scares you to death. 

Even if these conditions may appear absurd and strange, they’re a real problem for many people and should not be considered lightly.


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