Did you know the benefits of Dark Chocolate?

Do you like dark chocolate?

If you buy dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, a lot of benefits there will be for your health and your brain!

  • It improves Blood Flow and Lower Blood Pressure, allowing arteries to stay flexible and dilated.
  • It is a powerful source of antioxidants.
  • It contains serotonin.
    Serotonin is produced by the brain and it determines the mood. When the production is not enough, it can bring us to depression. Therefore, dark chocolate plays a natural and antidepressant action on the nervous system, making us more excited.
  • People taking regular cocoa have less exposure to cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke
  • It can be great against the sun, making your skin better. In fact, there are many sun creams that contains extracts of cocoa
  • It can improve the brain functions, helping us to think better.
  • According to some theories published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, dark chocolate can help you to live a long life

However, the healthiest chocolate ingredient is cocoa; therefore, to obtain these results, you have to prefer a chocolate with at least 70% cocoa. Chocolate, in fact, contains many other substances that are not as beneficial,such as sugar.

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