Do you love Marshmallows?

Marshmallows are soften sugar candies, which are famous all over the world.
They can have various shapes and sizes: the most popular type is like a small cylinder. In addition, marshmallow can be of different colors, depending on the ingredients and the use of colorants.
The main production of this type of candy is made in the United States, but their first recipe didn’t born in America.


Maybe you don’t know that marshmallow appeared for the first time in Egypt according to a similar recipe, having a medical purpose.In fact, Egyptians prepared these candies to prevent irritations, gastritis and sore throats.
Only in the 19th century, French people modified this recipe, making marshmallows as a sort of “dessert”.However, they were just similar to the contemporary marshmallows. So, when there was the real built of “our” marshmallows? In 1948, the American Doumak company patented a fully automatic and mechanized production method, which can produce large amounts of marshmallows.


How can you eat them?
In different ways: as simple candies, cooked over fire putting them into skewers (this tradition is very diffused in America), or as decorations.
For instance, they can be served with cookies, ice cream, fruit, cake, or even hot chocolate!

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