Cats are man’s best friend

Cats are man's best fiends


Yes, you read that right. Cats are as benevolent towards man and just as loving as dogs. Recent scientific studies have in fact poven that cats are not the malevolent and selfish creatures they have always been considered by cat-haters all these years. They are and act obviously in a very different way than dogs when they come in touch with humans, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot show true affection.

The basic difference between dogs and humans can be narrowed to one simple point: they don’t see us the same way. Whereas dogs perceive us as superiors, or different, cats do not look up to us for guidance. This of course shouldn’t make us think that they consider us as inferiors, it’s quite the opposite!


For example, cats behave towards man the same way they do towards other feline friends: they groom us, brush their tails on our legs, cuddle with or follow us. Scientists and vets clearly state that cats don’t show this kind of behaviour with animals they consider inferior to them.

There are even more prooves that cats show love to humans. A cat can display affection to its human “host” by looking at him and slowly closing its eyes, or sleeping with him at night. Showing their belly is also an obvious sign of trust, since it makes them vulnerable! They can adapt to the surroundings and be as indipendent as they need to be, but that doesn’t stop them from loving humans, just as much as dogs.

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