The importance of tulips in the Netherlands

Every single year, the country of the Netherlands produces billions of flower bulbs of tulips.
Even if they have Turkish and Persians origins, in the Netherlands tulips saw their “birth” in the 17th century, thanks to Carolus Clusius, a botanist who studied this type of flower. Today there are about 3500 varieties of tulips in terms of color, shape and size.


The most well-known type of tulip is the “standard tulip“. You can see it not only in the Netherlands but also in many other countries. In the course of history, their production has really increased for reasons of marketing: this made the Netherlands the official exporter of tulip plants. Generally, they appear during the springtime because of good temperature. Consequently, during this season, tourists come to Netherlands from all over the world, just to see and photograph this true spectacle of nature.
What they represent?
They are generally associated to romanticism and simplicity. Their meaning changes according to color:

  • Red Tulips: True Love
  • White Tulips: Elegance and purity
  • Orange Tulips: Happiness
  • Purple Tulips: Royalty
  • Yellow Tulips: Sunshine
  • Variegated Tulips: Craziness or beautiful eyes

Tulips are one of the world’s most beloved flowers and they can be a perfect love gift.

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