Victory of the Maori!

Finally, after nearly 150 years of legal battles the river of Whanganui Maori managed to get the same legal rights of a human, this is the first case of its kind in the world; This river located in New Zealand, is the third largest river in the country, and is located in the island of the North. The population of Whananui Iwi has always considered the river, but also the sea and the mountains, as their ancestors, their existence is based on the “originates from the river and lives on it”, as well as stated the representative of the tribe A . Rurawe, explaining that the welfare of its people is closely linked to the river, where people live.

It is considered a living being guarantees to Whanganui to be represented in court by two responsables, one chosen by the tribe Whanganui Iwi and one by the New Zealand Parliament, in order to defend their rights. This decision was made so that nobody can exploit economically or deface the river, in any case, now it will be a crime against the tribe did not respect the river of water rich of culture, history and traditions.
It can be said finally closed the longest litigation in the entire history of New Zealand.

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