When we do the strangest dreams?

At least once in your life, is happened to you to make very strange dreams: monsters, aliens, super powers, or really particular situations … what you do not know is that these dreams have made  after a few hours of sleep, by which time the REM phase (phase of the deeper sleep), it began, at least, this is what  have discovered  recent British studies, who reported their findings in the renowned magazine ‘Time’.
The cognitive psychology class of the University of Bedfordshire, UK, would in fact, monitored the sleep of 20 people for two nights, which, when their sleep was more agitated, were awakened to tell the students what they had dreamed ; they were woken up to 5 times a night, and than, the  next day, they completed a questionnaire about the content of their dreams; from their answers it showed that the most peculiar dreams intensified hour after hour, preciselly in the middle of the night.

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