There are superheroes gay?

The answer is ‘certain yes’ why they should not ? As in real life, even in the comic book superheroes exist with homosexual  orientation: Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, the important thing is that there is love! Although we’ll never noticed until now, these loves, but also weddings, date back to 2012, when Alex Alonso, editor of Marvel (the publisher of superheroes), has decided that, having been legalized in that year gay marriages in the state of New York, even the characters wholive in the  parallel cartoon universe, also live in this city, would have to adapt to the times. Here then in 2012 Northstar (one of the x-men) married, after he had made coming out (he had revealed his sexual orientation) in 1992; Another coming out was always done by an X-men, in 2015 in fact, the iceman revealed his sexual orientation; these are just two of the many heroes who are not heterosexual, discover you the others!

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