The fish that recognizes people

Will seem meaningless, but yes, it really exist, there is a species of tropical fish, which, in spite of a very simple brain, is able to identify a familiar face among dozens of faces. This fish, while not having the part of the brain that processes more complex cognitive, but it still able to accomplish this recognition; archer fish, Toxotes chatareus has also further developed his visual skills, is in fact considered the ‘archer’ fish; it lives in fresh waters of Southeast Asia and Australia, and thanks to its water jet is able to hit the insects and then eat them.
A group of zoologists at Oxford University has taught some of these fish to spit in one of two human faces displayed on a screen suspended above an aquarium, when the fish were aimed at the right face, received in exchange  food, the same experiment was done with 44 different faces, and the fish have always hit the exact face.

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