How big is a year in the life of a dog?

If you ask that question to your friends or relatives, you will probably answer ‘seven’, but in reality it is not like this, especially because, like us, dogs are all different, so this count depends on the breed and the tonnage of the dog in question.
First, a dog of one year has the same mental faculties of a child of 7, and therefore it is not yet mentally mature, even sexually, although its size has reached that of an adult.
The first 12 months are therefore the most important for a dog, that’s why during this period it is necessary to stimulate their cognitive development, making new experiences, bringing it outdoors to learn about the world, so that I can learn as soon as things work .
It is important, however, that the experiences in 1-5 months, will then must repeated in 6-8 months, because the puppy will be more mature and able to notice the differences, it is in this period that develops the first fears, maybe , in fact, in the early months he had not.

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