It ‘s now the black Friday time!

The Black Friday is a new holiday, from USA and from the sixties, is celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving, this day, which has become famous throughout the world, provides super discounts in the shops before Christmas: food, shoes, clothes, eletronic stuff, school stuff, make up, furniture, car… everything!
This name so strange is the fact that at the time, in the 1960  the merchants were using the red ink for losses and black ink for revenue in surplus, and thanks to these discounts, every Friday after Thanksgiving, the logs were all compiled black, synonymous of a day ended with a good flush.
This day is therefore the one that gives the go Christmas shopping, and is used as a parameter for assessing how it goes the Christmas season; although they have created a cyber Monday for all online discounts, nowadays even in the web, the discounts are limited only to Friday.

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