How many languages maximum ​​a person can learn ?

There is no a certain answer, all is relative to what a person mean by knowledge of a language; But we can say with certainty that there are people considered polyglot who are able to speak also fluently 6 languages. But there is an American linguist who has a knowledge of more than 60 languages, modern and ancient, its name is Alexander Arguelles, he is a native English speaker, but at the university he  has learned French, German, Spanish, Latin, greek and Sanskrit, but then he has dedicated himself to the Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and Norwegian in their earliest forms, the high German and old French, also after his doctorate he studied some Germanic dialects, Dutch, Swedish and other Scandinavian languages , Italian, Portuguese, Occitan and Catalan, in recent years he has dedicated to the Korean, Japanese, Mandarin and Chinese classical, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, turkish and swahili. How he does? Listening to many recordings in the original  language and repeating, but above all  studing much!

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