Do you spaghetti?

If I say Italy what do you say to me? Pizza and spaghetti of course! But do you know that noodles were first called “worms”? ironically are centuries that it is disputed whether they were invented by the Chinese or by the Sicilians, now after lengthy discussions it was concluded that both have spread independently, in both geographical areas, what instead is certain to bring in Italy the custom of cooking dried pasta were Arabs.
It appears that one of the earliest written records found about dried pasta date back to 1154, in fact, in that area that now corresponds to Italy, before then it was traditional to eat only fresh pasta.
The term “spaghetti”, however, is more recent, in fact, gone up to eighteen hundred, and has spread to America, as the ‘worms’ term was not really indicated to the food, so they found this word which wanted remember  a piece of string  to eat !

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