Chewing gum bubble

Pink, yellow, white, blue, fruit, mint, sparkling, sweet or savory, today the chewing gum are everywhere and of any type; many years have passed since the  1871 when they were  produced for  the first time with a  flavor, and, unlike what many of you think, the first flavor was licorice. But only in 1920 it was marketed around the world, especially in Britain, where they created a special law to prohibit the excessive consumption, it was only an excuse to decrease the American market. But the tire that we know, that pink, strawberry with which you can make bubbles,  the Bubble gum, has a lot more close origins, was in fact created by an American accountant only in 1928, needless to say it was a huge success, that continues to this day.

Be very careful though, the chewing gums are  very dangerous for the environment, they takes more than five years to melt, so absolutely avoid to throw it to the ground!

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