What kind of colors are there?

Did you know that the color categories are reduced only three? They are: The warm colors, the cold colors and the  neutral colors.
In the warm color category there are: the red, the yellow, the  orange and all their shades, are  called like this  because they remember the  warm, the summer, and the fire.
Cold colors, however, are the blue, the  green, the light blue, and all their shades, they just remember the cold, the ice and the winter.
Attention to  the purple color, however, which can be misleading, because the purple is composed of both a warm color, red,and a cold color, blue, so it’s up to you to decide in which category to place it.
Finally, neutral colors, as you can immagine they are the black, the gray and the white.
One can therefore say that the colors are divided into various categories depending on what that arouse in our minds