Top 3 bad habits for our metabolism

Despite your efforts you can not just lose weight, is perhaps guilty the slow metabolism? Possible, but How to unlock it? Here what can be the main causes:

  1. Poor sleep is one of the major cause, in fact, there are numerous studies that claim that a lack of sleep may lead to an increase of  the fat mass and a loss of the muscle mass, that’s why doctors advise to always rest  at least 8-9 hours a night.
  2. Eat snacks at night, this addition of calories at the end of the day is not disposed  by our  body, in fact, at night our body  almost completely stops to work, that’s why this bad habit must be eliminated right away if you do not want to gain weight.
  3. Do not eat breakfast, this is the most important meal of the whole day, is the which one that, after a long overnight fast, gives us the energy to face the day, if you skip it, you run out the energy and the  metabolism crashes .