Best food for the diet

Is already known that there are some foods that should be avoided completely if you want to lose weight, and others who are our ‘friends’, what are they? Let’s find out together!

  1. The most famous is definitely the pineapple, which contains bromelain, in fact, if you  eat it  during meals, it will promotes the digestion of the  proteins, and it is also a great ally against cellulite.
  2. Inevitable in the kitchens of all the fashionable women’s, is the  turmeric, which stimulates the body helping the digestion, it is also able to satisfy hunger.
  3. Surely you will find it in all diets, the salmon, which is rich of Omega 3, is a good fat which helps our organism  to burn calories.
  4. As Snow White we also must eat apples, they are rich in fiber and vitamins but low in calories, we can say that apples are our best friends in the diet!

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