Amalfi coast hotel – Where to stay and how to make sure you made the right choice.

amalfi coast hotel

Many are those who dream of coming to Italy once in their lifetime. Luxurious villas, amazing views of incredible landscapes, romantic restaurants and fancy dinners with tasty dishes, historical buildings full of ancient statues and priceless art and more: this is what the notorious country seems to be all about. However, the peninsula is way more than a pitoresque image of a place known for its food, art and sometimes very energic denizens. It is, in fact, composed of cultures and areas so diverse that they can offer a truly vast amount of opportunities for tourism. From the North to the South, Italy grants solutions for all kinds of trips and vacations, both long and short. There are valid alternatives for the seaside lovers, for those who fancy the mountains or even for tourists who are willing to be sumberged by the lights and sounds of bustling towns and nightlife.

amalfi coast hotel

A tour to the Amalfi coast is certainly a good idea to enjoy an Italian summer with style.

One of the most renown tourist attractions of Italy, especially during summer time, is the Amalfi coast. This luxurious area is one of the highly researched during the hotter months, since its many cities can offer beautiful views of the sea and more than one breathtaking sight. The coast is composed by the cities of: Amalfi, Atrani, Cetara, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Positano, Praiano, Ravello, Scala, Tramonti and Vietri sul Mare. This stretch of coastline on the northern coast of the Salerno Gulf is located in the Province of Salerno, southern Italy. Even though the land offers numerous opportunities for an unforgettable trip, it is rather clever to plan ahead with the help of the locals. For example, you could check out the content of This webiste offers you all the information that you might need to get to know the geography of the Amalfi coast, but also the best tips to find the perfect Amalfi coast hotel to have a perfect stay.

There are many interesting accomodations in the most popular cities of the coast, but constantly selects only the more convenient options, choosing them according to key elements such as prices, rooms, type of stay, services, location and much more. All the hotels listed are chosen also on the basis of their proximity to relevant tourist attractions and thus are all able to offer a wonderful experience that will be not easy to forget. On the website you will also find special offers to enjoy specific views or tours of the coast and much more.

Thanks to anyone can plan their vacation to the Amalfi coast with great ease.

As the owners of say, the coastline cities are a sight to behold during the colder months as well. The grey sky perfectly reflects in the calm water of the sea and the small colourful towns are hurdling with life and activities that tourists could never enjoy during the summer, where all locations are much more crowded and perhaps not as enjoyable.

How much Kris Aquino earn?


Kris Aquino is best known as a TV on-screen character conceived in Quezon City on Sunday, February 14, 1971. Kris is at present 46 years of age. Aquino’s introduction to the world sign is Aquarius. Kris Aquino is one of only a handful couple of individuals on AlphaLife with the name Kris. She is additionally a 46-year-old part, big names known to be TV performing artists and celebrated identities with the Aquarius birth sign! Filipino big name Kris Aquino, one of the most extravagant big names in the nation, shares his spending procedure for purchasing garments. Kris Aquino is a standout amongst the most well known big names in the Philippines. She has been highlighted in many film ventures, TV shows and ads since adolescence.

Highest Earning Celebrity:

Aquino, nicknamed Queen of All Media, had an aggregate assessable pay of 101 million pesos in 2010, for which it paid charges of 32.3 million pesos. This earned him seventeenth place on the rundown of the 500 greatest citizens for 2010 – higher than the absolute most unmistakable businesspeople like Jaime Augusto Zobel of Ayala, head honcho of Ayala Corp. Pangilinan. Television have Willie Revillame (# 21) won $ 82 million of every 2010 and paid assessments of 26.5 million pesos. In the interim, Revillame has been facilitating “Wowowee” on ABS-CBN as far back as its TV5 communicate publicized in October of that year. Performer vocalist Sharon Cuneta (# 58) paid $ 16.6 million in charges in the wake of acquiring $ 52 million of every 2010 while still with ABS-CBN. She moved to TV5 this year. Another performing artist and artist, Sarah Geronimo (n ° 67), paid 14.8 million euros of duty on her benefit of 46.4 million out of 2010; While the pioneer Piolo Pascual (No. 76) paid 13 million euros in charges subsequent to winning 49.8 million.

Highest Tax Paying Celebrity:

The Queen of All Media has additionally been considered among the most extravagant identities in the nation on account of her tremendous wage as a superstar in media outlets. Notwithstanding being a big name, Kris originated from a well off family. As of late, the 46-year-old VIP uncovered how she planned her cash when purchasing garments to decide the incentive for cash by spending our well deserved cash. When purchasing garments or shoes, figure how frequently you will wear the thing and it will enable you to decide whether you are getting great incentive for your well deserved cash … Truly, I rehash my garments. I simply blend them and match them. Kris Aquino paid the legislature 49.87 million euros in salary assess for his 2011 pay, making him the principal singular citizen in the Philippines, in excess of 11 million more than the second biggest citizen, Gregory Deane Reicho.  The VP of Sunpower Philippines paid $ 38.2 million, while the CFO, Lauro Baja III, was third with $ 34.26 million. The first BIR list bore the name of his dad, Lauro Baja Jr., previous Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations, who denied the impressive salary assess after many thought about how an authority could be so liberal to the legislature.



Before discussing how much apprentices earn, It is important to know who apprentice is?
Apprentice is a person who does an on-the-job or classroom training in the certain trade he or she chooses as a profession to enhance his/her skills and expertise in the practical and theoretical aspects of that profession or occupation. For instance Accounting, Audit or Management apprentice or a practitioner who works under the surgeon to learn surgery. In short, Apprenticeship is the route to gain qualification as well as work experience in the chosen profession.
Different countries have different laws regarding wages paid to the apprentices. The wages or payments are usually governed by a formal contract between a trainee and the employer.

Employers are free to pay above the minimum wage level but they should at least pay the minimum wage according to the country’s law. There are strict rules and regulations around the globe for the pay rates an apprentice should be entitled to. An employee can only be paid if he has the contract signed with the employer or the trainer. The training must be registered and acknowledged by the training organization and nationally as well. The pay rates will largely depend upon the length of the training period or how much one is being trained.
In Pakistan, Apprenticeships are governed by the Apprenticeship Act 2017. According to the Apprenticeship act,2017 an apprentice should be paid at least 50% of the minimum wages as a monthly stipend prescribed by the Federal Government which is Rs.15000 per month. However, in the United States apprentices are earning an average of $13.69 per hour. In the United Kingdom, the current pay rate is £3.70 per hour as of April 2018 for the trainees aged 16 to 18 and for those who are in the first year. The pay rate varies according to the age group.
Now if we talk about how much one can earn through apprenticeship generally, we will find out that the benefits and the reward are much greater than the monetary one. An apprentice or a trainee does not only earn the money but also the craft or the skill one needs to excel in the specific field or domain. Things get different when we do them practically rather than studying them in the books. An apprentice learns the application of the qualification he or she possesses. He learns in the environment where he has to apply his knowledge of the subject he opts to practice. You learn and ultimately earn better by doing. According to the survey in the United States if you complete an apprenticeship program you can earn over 300,000$ more than your peers in the lifetime in the same job. Earning income while learning the skill reduces the need to take debt as well.
In short, learning the skill is the real earning. And in the long run, The learned and the experienced man always get the better remuneration as he becomes proficient in the occupation he chooses.

How much can you earn with an Android app?

Intro :

The smartphone era is here. The world as we know it today has become quite tech savvy. What can’t be done using a smartphone? We all are quite reliant on our smart devices you help us in literally everything. Making payments, shopping, socializing, finding a job and more has become quite a breeze. To actually make these things happen, we use the help of mobile applications. Android being a popular platform hosts a plethora of applications. Android is preferred as a development platform compared to iOS due to the lower cost of devices.


How to make one :

There are a few steps one needs to follow before making an application on Android. First and foremost one should install Android Studio which is the foundation for building an application. After you do that you select an option of creating a new project. Then you add a welcome message, after which you add a button to the main activity. You then go on to create another/ second activity. After that, it is time to write the button’s “onclick” method. If all these steps are done well, its finally time to test the application. If all goes well you’re ready to add functionality to your app and then put it up live for users to install.


Earning potential and scope:
The potential and scope to earn via your very own Android app are quite good as long as you have a great strategy in place. The play store is full of apps, and to enable yourself to stand out and really earn, your application needs to be unique with mild competition or better yet, none. There are your basic ways of earning that is in-app purchases, in-app advertisements and premium versions of the app. While this has been successful in the past, its only the unique and different apps that tend to reach a good earning potential. You need to learn how to implement the correct monetization strategy and also how to increase your paid users. If you can capture this, the scope of earning is limitless.


I have an inquiring mind, a proclivity for inquiring and I am inquisitive by trade. Discovering new stories, getting to know new characters, stimulates my imagination. Therefore, there is nothing better for me than surfing the net, going from a video to an article, a gossip, serious, semi-serious, or serial news. I always try to read between the lines and search for something interesting to learn and convey. Sometimes it happens that in my roaming I find pleasant things. And so it was when I discovered Ambra Mattioli. I happened to watch her in one of her videos while looking for David Bowie’s music tracks. Bowie’s birthday is on 8th January, and he died on 10th January, two years ago at the age of 69. I noticed Ambra Mattioli’s videos on YouTube, and I must admit I did not realize it was a woman singing. Incredible!, I thought. So, I went on reading a few articles on the web about her and her band, the Aladdin Insane, and I checked her website. Hence my interest in her. I tried to contact Ambra and she immediately answered. She was kind of surprised but available. And I understood that she is just like that. She is spontaneous and simple.

Then I discovered an uncommon person – although she does not like to be defined that way. She is a musician, singer, painter, writer, and also project-designer, cabinet maker of fine mahogany furniture and furnishing solutions. In short, an artist, or “art performer” as they say now, with many facets, passions and abilities.

I know that there are people who think that doing too many things ends up by making a dispersive enterprise, lacking definite features, especially in the artistic field, where it is so difficult to get one’s own recognized niche. But I do not think so. If there are – and there are – people capable of expressing what is in their mind in many different ways, they are welcome.

When Ambra was a teen, she went to London with her guitar. She washed dishes at Wimpy’s and supplemented her income by singing Bowie’s songs on London’s tube. It was for her a year of new thoughts and discoveries. Then she went back to Italy and she set up a band – the “Clips” – with some friends, which today are now all established musicians. The band played its own original music, progressive rock, on Ambra Mattioli’s lyrics and opened the concerts of Nico of the Velvet Underground on her tour in Italy. But Ambra was also working at RCA record company with Petrossi, Migliacci, Fea and Basile. And on top of that, Ambra wrote stories, a science fiction novel that she herself brought to the Mondadori publishing house in an adventurous way.

Life went on, she got married and had two sons. They are twins. She started to paint, unusual, thoughtful, and poignant paintings, somewhat funny. In any case, very unique. Her paintings were exhibited not only in Italy but also abroad and they were published in top-rated catalogues. Then, she cultivated her passion for design, for fine wood-working and largely used mahogany in letting loose this drive of hers, producing furniture and furnishings of value, craftworks with a distinctive design.

Nonetheless, the great love Ambra Mattioli had for music – and for that of David Bowie in particular – was never dormant. She founded another band, a tribute to David Bowie, a tribute to his art, the Lady Stardust & Diamond Dogs. When this experience ended, it lead to the foundation of another band, the Aladdin Insane.

I know very well that there are people who, in principle, say they hate those who make tributes, make covers of other performers’ music. People who maintain that this is not art because it is not original music, that these artists have no ideas, do not have real talent and, and being the reflection of other artists, they are advantaged by the reputation of the famous performers of reference. To all of them I want to tell a great truth: for centuries, other people’s music has been covered, sung and played. Just think of all the philharmonic orchestras in the world, all the opera singers and the more or less famous singers who sing other artists’ songs. I do not accept the axiom that in that case it is different. It is not! I think that the only discriminating element is whether you make good music or not, if you can really play and sing or not, if you know how to interpret without being a pseudo clone, if you know how to fascinate the audience, if you can make people dream. It is true that in this field, especially in modern music, there are some incompetent, smoke-sellers who are struggling just to earn a crust. But when there is passion combined with interpretation, ability, commitment, discipline and sacrifice, when performers are able to transmit emotions, behold! it is art, regardless of what is sung or played, and no debate on that point.

And this is Ambra Mattioli, who continues to write and to publish her novels and short stories (they are on all on-line platforms), and goes on with her music research. In 2015, Ambra is the only one in the world who, for the twentieth anniversary of the release of Bowie’s album 1.Outside – which she considers an under-estimated masterpiece – performed the entire album at Rome’s Cross Roads Live Club. She even performed the spoken and recited parts, accompanied by professional musicians. 1.Outside is really complex music, but still cool and modern today, a difficult challenge that she described as exciting.

Bowie’s death deeply saddened her, like the death of a beloved one. Perhaps it is exactly because of her love for David Bowie, that she was driven to do even more. A part from the great shows followed by large crowds of fans (very beautiful performances at the Piper Club and at the Gay Village in Rome), Ambra Mattioli participated with her interviews in a short film entitled “Burning Tape” – which she herself produced and interpreted –  and in the Bowie Next project, a film that will be finally released in the coming months.

Ambra Mattioli is well known for her outstanding interpretation of David Bowie. Dave Thompson, writer and journalist, mentioned her several times in his book “The Freakiest Show: David Bowie cover versions” and in the last edition of his book, Thompson even included a few pages about Ambra Mattioli with photos of her.

Her talent in interpreting Bowie was also noticed by movie director Andrea Pallaoro, who wanted her in his film “Hannah”, presented at the 74th Venice Film Festival. Actress Charlotte Rampling, playing the leading role in the movie, was awarded the Volpi Cup for best female performer. In the film “Hannah”, Ambra Mattioli plays a famous Bowie’s song, a chance to make the Thin White Duke, living inside her, known to the world.

Ambra went on with her research. So far, Ambra Mattioli and the Aladdin Insane are the only band in the world that played – entirely live and in the original keys – the whole album Blackstar, the last David Bowie’s masterpiece. Blackstar – which Ambra Mattioli and the Aladdin Insane performed at the Cross Roads Live Club in Rome – is an album designed and conceived only for studio recording. It demands uncommon interpretative techniques. It was a live effort that required exceptional commitment and passion, a real new challenge for the band and an act of love.

And even in this case, they showed that theirs is not a simple tribute to David Bowie, but a real show, which offers a dream to the audience, to Bowie’s fans, to the lovers of good music.

Finally, here is what Ambra Mattioli always says with genuine emotion: “The applauses we receive are above all for him, for his music and only a small part is for us performers. We are just reproducing his music, as reflections in the facets of a diamond”.

Here are some links:

Web sites:      and

Youtube channels:     Ambra Mattioli  and  Aladdin Insane,

Facebook pages:        Ambra Mattioli  and Aladdin Insane


Translated by Caterina Ciuferri

“Where Will it End” and its new version!

The world has always been ruled by violence but also by the goodness of the soul. And the good side is always seen with music, where, through a song, you are able to express something. Even when it comes to tragedies and the heart is broken, music always exists. That’s why today we want to talk about a song that is having a great success all over the world, named “Where Will it End“. This masterpiece, made up of Clayton Bryant, reminds to the horrific massacre at Garissa University College, where many young students were killed, because of crazy people, who belong to religious and political beliefs different from theirs. A tragedy that has hit not only Africa, but the whole world, because it let us remember how cruel man can be without real motivations.


But Clayton Bryant with his song wants to bring back this sad event and at the same time he offers everyone hope and the desire to fight against those who are prisoners of ignorance. It does not matter the skin color, the place we live in, and the religious and political traditions we have: we are all human beings. Bryant wants to send this message to all people who often fall into prejudices. And with his song, he is having a great success.

This is possible also thanks to the Italian song writer Mariano Schiavolini who helped him in this project, offering a musical base mixed with percussion and the main elements of acoustic guitar, piano and bass. Also important is the presence of Nicolette Turner, who is the main voice of Where Will It End. The song is also special thanks to the collaboration with the well-known Soweto Gospel Choir, who has used a really powerful and exciting sound. Among the most beautiful phrases in this song we have to mention: “When you are the danger in every shadow, then only you can do it right” and “Tell me how can you hate me when you do not know me? You should hurt me before we met, and tell me, who was it that told you, that I could never be your friend?”


With the success of the Bryant version, the composer and producer Mariano has thought about the creation of a second version of Where Will it End, but named “Till the End of Time”.

Here, the musical style is a bit different: mainly jazz, a relaxing sound, accompained by other mix of music genres. Also in this version, the main theme is the terrible massacre that we do not have to forget: people need to stay strong and fight for their own freedom. We need to share the love, not jealousy or bad behaviors. We have to save the souls of the humans.


So what do you think about “Where Will it End” and “Till the end of Time”? If you haven’t known these songs before, watch their official videos on You Tube!
– Where Will it End: 
– Till the End of Time:


Lucia Aliberti with Direktor of Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin Gerhard Kampfe and Prof.Giuseppe Montemagno, President of SCAM


Lucia Aliberti celebrated 40 years of international career on 21 july 2017 in Berlin , as a guest star of the concert at Gerndarmenmarkt in the city where she started her career at the Deutsche Oper as the protagonist of the opera “Lucia di Larmermoor”  where she had such a triumphant success that even Maestro Herbert von Karajan went to listen to her.

On the same evening Lucia Aliberti received the “Golden Bellini International Awards” (Premio Bellini d’Oro)  which was delivered by prof. Giuseppe Montemagno, president of SCAM of Catania, birth place of Vincenzo Bellini.

Lucia Aliberti has sung at the world’s major Opera Houses and Concert Halls worldwide including : Deutsche Oper Berlin, Teatro alla Scala di Milano, Covent Garden London, Bolshoi Moscow, Metropolitan Opera New York, Colon Buenos Aires, Concertgebow Amsterdam, Carnegie Hall New York, etc.

Lucia Aliberti was guest star of International Galas from UNESCO and UNICEF.

She has sung for Pope Wojtyla Johannes Paul II in the occasion of the “Jubilee of the world families” at the Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican Rome, for Prince Charles of England at the United Nations Paris, for the german Chancellor Helmut Kohl in Bonn and Berlin, for Margaret Thatcher, for Heads of State, Royal Families etc.



Ambra Mattioli

ambra mattioli

Aladdin Insane is not a tribute to David Bowie only, but also a real celebration in his honor.
That is how we want to define this tribute band dedicated to the great “Thin White Duke”. Through their performances, you will find yourself going through Bowie’s entire career. Moreover, what makes them even more special is the band’s solo voice, Ambra Mattioli.

Ambra Mattioli

ambra mattioli


The style and similarity to Bowie makes this Italian woman unique! So what about her musical career? Ambra has contributed to several groups, starting from “Cronosfera” in 1976 to “Clips” in 1986, participating in the Italian tour of Nico Velvet Underground with the role of support group.


Her real Bowie adventure began in 2007 with the “Lady Stardust & Diamond Dogs“, a tribute band to David Bowie. Her strong passion for the White Duke grew more and more until she reached the current tribute band of Aladdin Insane.

Ambra is similar to David Bowie from a behaviour perspective, including the multifaceted expressive forms. The art of this woman is not only, the music: Ambra Mattioli is also a painter! She attended to the “Scuola Libera del Nudo” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and created many paintings, always appreciated during her personal exhibitions.


Ambra is also a writer! She published several books, as “Paradigma Imperfetto, Storie di universi periferici” (The Flawed Paradigms, Stories of bordering universes), a collection of nine short stories. They are possible and impossible tales, where she leads the reader, and the characters across the threshold of bordering universes, which are similar, and yet never identical to our own. Places of the mind, soul and body, which the instinct rather than the intellect can recognize.


She also wrote a trilogy: “La trilogia di Ambra”, which takes place in about 50 years of history.  The books are “The Arcade,” a horror science fiction book, “Il Collezionista di Opportunità” and “Fatti per non durare”, a pure science fiction-related theme to the whole humanity. The trilogy, published as “Amber’s World”, consists in English in two books: “The missing piece of the puzzle” and “The other face of God”.


Ambra Mattioli is a woman with several interests and she is determined in all the work she does, even though music takes the first place in her heart. Dave Thompson, author and journalist, quoted Ambra several times and dedicated her, page with photo in his book “The Freakiest Show: The Armchair Guide to David Bowie Versions 1964-2017”.


Director Andrea Pallaoro noticed her talent in interpreting David Bowie and chose her for a scene of his “Hannah” movie. The film is in competition at 74th Venice International Film Festival and for Ambra it was a unique and exciting experience.

If you want to know more, or to stay updated on Aladdin Insane’s shows, you can visit their official website: , their Facebook page or the YouTube Channel .


To find out more about Ambra Mattioli or even to know her future projects, just visit her official website! , her own Facebook page  or the YouTube channel .

Principles of Mahatma Gandhi

Be the change you want see in the world“, said Gandhi.
Who was Gandhi? What were his ideas?
Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhiwas the leader of the Indian independence during the British colonialism.
He was called Mahatma, which means “high- souled”: this because he changed the destiny of the nation thanks to some great ideas.
His main principles were based on “Self- Determination of People”, “Non- Violence”, “Passive Resistance” and Religious Tolerance”.


1. Self- Determination of People. According to Gandhi, the Indians had to decide how to govern their country, because their conditions of misery depended on the power by British colonizers.


2. Nonviolence. This concept has not a negative interpretation in terms of political action but it possesses in itself the positive charge of universal benevolence. So it represents the “pure love” that is present in the sacred texts of Hinduism, the Gospel and the Koran.


3. Passive resistance. Gandhi refuses violence as a fight strategy.
However, he proposes a strategy that consists in passive resistance, which means to do not react to the provocations of the violent people. In addition he brings the Indians to the civil disobedience, based on the refusal to undergo of unjust laws.


4. Religious Tolerance. Gandhi dreamed about the peaceful and respectful coexistence of the many ethnic groups and the freedom of religious professions in India.
This could be an important richness for the country, making it united. Unfortunately, this hope did not work as Gandhi expected.


Among his quotes we want to mention this top five:

1. “Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit”.

2. “I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and Non-violence are as old as the hills. All I have done is to try experiments in both on as vast a scale as I could”.

3. “Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man”.

4. “Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment”.

5. “What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?”.

Tourist Destinations: Iceland

Iceland is a Nordic island country.
It is situated in the Atlantic Ocean and it has the lowest population density among the countries of Europe.


The climate is different in the various areas of the island.

Iceland’s winter is not too cold, because of the influence of the Gulf Stream, which touches the island on its south and southwest area. Summers in Iceland are very short and rather cool. Typically on hot days (in July) the temperatures are just over 20 °,  and this is already considered a major heat wave, while at night the temperatures are around 10 ° While, in northwest because of the influence made by the cold winds of Greenland, the climate is therefore much more rigid. Accordingly there is the absence of a real summer. Glaciers occupy more than 10% of the entire country and their extension exceeds the total of glaciers across continental Europe.

The rains, are mostly influenced by the wind direction. The area with the lowest rainfall of the island is located in the north of the huge Vatnajokull glacier.
The other incredible thing is that snowfalls can occur even in early June and late August.
Obviously, because of the weather, Iceland is unsuitable for the agricultural sector.


According to the Constitution, Icelanders have their religious freedom.
The official religion is Lutheranism, professed according to the National Church of Iceland (named Þjóðkirkjan).


The capital of Iceland is Reykjavík. Here you can see the 40% of the country population.
Reykjavík is also the main industrial center and it has a port and an airport.
Furthermore, in this city, the quality of life is quite high thanks to a good economic situation.
The other “cities” are mainly situated along the coast. In addition to Reykjavik, also in the south, you can visit the cities of Hafnarfjörður, Kópavogur, Selfoss and Keflavík, which is home to the international airport.
In the western part of Iceland there is the city of Akranes, while in the north you can visit Akureyri and Húsavík. Finally, in the eastern area there is the important center of Egilsstaðir.


The Icelandic cuisine is very simple and it is mainly based on local production.
However, the restaurants are expensive, so you should buy cheaper food in the supermarket. In addition, the majority of the hotels can offer a fully equipped kitchen available for all.

In alternative, there are always hot tables and kiosks of hot dogs which are considered the best ones of the world.

Also important is the steamed food: for cooking Icelanders use the geothermical heat source.
The “hardfiskur“is one of the most famous “snacks” of Iceland, which consists of strips of Haddock (a Nordic fish similar to cod). Fishing, is a relevant economic resource: the variety and quality of the products are very high.
Among their specialties we have to mention the Skyr, which is similar to cheese and yogurt and the “Astarpungur”, which consists of balls of fried dough (very similar to the well-known donuts).


Did you know? In Iceland is almost impossible to find bottles of water, even in the supermarket! Why? Because water is potable in the whole country so you can drink it simply through your home sinks.
However, in Iceland is important the production of Coke: in fact, this country is considered one of the main producers of the world.

Also beer is really produced: Thule, Viking and Egils are the three most well-known beer industries.


Despite the climate, Iceland has its own importance in the field of tourism, thanks to its enormous glacial and volcanic areas together with its rich and unique cultural heritage.